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  • I decided I'm going to compile all the fan suggestions that have now become skins.

    • "Blackpaw pink dress"
    • "summer swim ware for everyone": We are getting Maximilian and Ivy Baywatch style. And we already have Hogarth
    • "Rockstar Hogarth": Rare elusive rooster teeth skin.
    • "Stinkeye needs one of these around his waist": Rubber ducky. We are getting this now.
    • "Chef Bloodspike with meat cleavers"
    • "Or for some irony, a firefighters outfit - get it, cos she lights fires  D" . New skin!
    • "Gabby should have her Evil Sorceress skin from Orcs Must Die 1"
    So keep suggesting skins everyone. Or read through some previous suggestions and give your agreement. 
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  • i still want my Blackflame Smolder, nearly the same outfit just with black fire
  • Oldschool gangster Deadeye (Striped blazer, fedora, and tommy guns!)
    Panda Tundra (Why don't we have one yet?)
    Garbage man Gobbin (With a large trashcan on his back. Hey, someone's gotta clean up the gibs after every battle.)
    Drummer Temper (Might aswell join in the musical phase, since we already have max and hogarth with instruments, and bionka singing.)
  • I'd like to see a plushy version of tundra like they did to bionka! A teddy bear skin! i don't have creativity with the name it would have tho (teddy tundra?, dreamkeeper of arctos?)
  • I'd like blackpaw in a crogon disguise, since he bites ennemies
  • Fairy Queen Zoey - with Pheobe as a little pixy
  • I'd like to see a bloodspike on a flashy disco suit from the 80's, with affro hair. He would also be the first orc to be in a brown-ish color for his skin (actual skin, because why not something else than green or blue?) for the name, i don't know, bloody disco suit? I'm bad at names 
  • I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this yet, as the thread's on the 11th page, but if Square-Enix were easier to work with, some Chrono Trigger skins might be fun. :D

    Maximilian - Crono
    Gabriella - Schala
    Ivy - Marle
    Zoey - Lucca
    Smolder - Alya
    Oziel - Magus
    Stinkeye - Robo
    Dobbin - Frog
    Bionka - Azala
    Bloodspike - Ozzie
    Deadeye - Flea (note: is actually a guy)
    Blackpaw - Slash (couldn't think of anyone)
    Midnight - Fiona (couldn't think of anyone)
    Tundra - Dalton
    Hogarth - Toma
    Cygnus - Cyrus
    Temper - Johnny
    Yi-Lin - Queen Zeal

    I had to fill in a few characters and didn't really want to use any of the supporting characters from Chrono Cross, though some of them might make an interesting skin.
  • A Unicorn PLEASE! (perhaps for temper....hmm....)
  • Magic Schoolgirl Zoey (Who else would fill that role? Max? inb4 he actually gets that skin In all seriousness though, Zoey could use more skins... Also temper... and all other characters that only have 3-4 skins)
    Sleepy Zoey (Striped pajamas, her diary, fluffy slippers and a plushie feebee)

    Holiday themed:

    Santa Zoey (I know there's already a santa dobbin, but besides being female, Zoey also comes paired up with an elf feebie. Alternatively if you don't want two santas then yu can have an elf zoey and call the skin "Santa's little helpers")
    Reindeer Temper (Antlers attached to his horns and a red nose that glows brighter depends on his rage)
    Mrs.Bionka Claus (Alternatively you can wait for dobbin's wife to take over the role, if she ever appears as a playable hero)
    Ebeneezer Cygnus (A Scrooge version of Cygnus, that comes in with mutton chops, a cane/umbrella, a long scarf and a tophat.)
    The Oziel of Christmas Past (A more spectral version of Oziel with chains and some locks, covering his body)
    GrinchSpike (A fuzzy, furry version of bloodspike carrying christmas decorations on his back)
    Maxpaw (No, this isn't some sort of weird shipping. I just couldn't decide on the name for blackpaw's costume which is basically the grinch's companion also known as Max. Anyway his armor is gone and replaced with more fur, and his tusks are replaced with one large antler wrapped around his head.)
  • Zoey in a Feebee onesie, and feebie is a little Zoey doll
  • Blackpaw in a wu-xing ninja suit.

  • How about a caveman skin for hogarth? Could fit really well for that character, he could use a bone (femur) as an axe and a rock as a shield. he wears leather made from his ennemies skin, and is equipped with some bones (gnolls canines?) instead of the small axes he usually has on his hips. I could also imagine a skin for bloodspike on the same style. 

    This way, blackpaw won't be the only one to have a prehistoric type of skin.

    I was thinking about a zoey prehistoric skin with Feebee as a pterodactyl but it's already taken by the "jurrasic journey" skin, and dinosaurs were dead anyways when the humans were born.
  • Ice hockey goalie skin for Stinkeye
  • I just found this thread. I am so glad it exists. I have just been brainstorming ideas and mentioning them on Twitch.

    Golfer Stinkeye - "Hole in one-eye"
    "Snowgarth" - With a giant puffy snowsuit (similar to the childrens book "Thomas' Snowsuit"), using a big snow shovel instead of an axe and a round toboggan disc for a shield.
    Wulfhawkinman Cosplay Cygnus - In his bio, Cygnus mentions owning an authentic Wulfhawkinman costume. I need to see him in it please.

    That is all....for now..

    Judge Geof
  • Another thought for skins would double as a thought about gibs.

    We have the 5 dragon armour skins that are purchasable with gibs. Why not make armour sets for all the other 14 characters? Additionally, a rotation of skins could be done every month or so. The amount of skins offered could be limited to make it seem more like a limited time offer also. For example, 2 skins per month; which would also leave room for new characters to be added throughout the year.

    -Judge Geof
  • WithaZWithaZ Member
    Gravedigger Dobbin
  • WithaZWithaZ Member
    Snowziel - a creepy floating snowman kinda thing
  • WithaZWithaZ Member
    Valentine's Day is coming up - a few potential options for a cupid skin: Ivy, Deadeye, or Max
  • WithaZWithaZ Member
    I could literally talk skin ideas all day long...
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