A skillfull roll from Deadeye managed to get her up there

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Hi fellow orc slayers!
Today i managed to make deadeye clip on the top of the bridge's pillar on bionka's throne room!
I even managed to jump on the bone next to bionka's statue, but there's an invisible wall, you cannot jump next to the statue.

It can be done by rolling (using shift) from a good angle, eighter by making it with a front roll (Shift + forward key) or back roll (Shift), it works on any pillar if you place deadeye correctly

here's a picture of how you should place Deadeye for this to work almost consistently (10/16 attempts)
Try to look at deadeye's right foot in order to place yourself correctly.

Maybe this roll clipping bug could work on other maps, but i haven't tried yet.


  • Not sure about this one.

    Since I can do it with every hero. One of the chains is not slippy so you can climb up it. The south east chain on each of the bridges can be climbed up. Then with a speed boost you can get onto the statue.

    Also on the other side of the statue there's an invisible ledge you can climb onto.
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    @DaTeddyBear On that case, it’s not about the fact of getting up there, but more about how the roll works, i’ve seen the chain you talk about, but haven’t really tried to jump up there, the roll does not work on the chain for what i’ve tried.
  • I normally place the stablehand at the front. Climb up the chain then jump to the statue.

    With some quicker heroes you can also make it across the acid over to where the swinging mace is. Nothing much interesting over there. But melee heroes can trigger it.
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    Deadeye roll can climb quite a few things. Some walls can be "climbed" with it, easy to do in Throne Room or Highlands. 

    I reported this back in July with some interesting example:

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    good to know it’s a well known thing, can you share the discussion so i can see it as well?
    i couldn’t find it
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Sorry, I didn't open a thread about it, just reported it directly to the support.
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