[PS4] Custom Games Glitch

ElvickElvick Member
edited January 5 in Bugs & Technical Issues
If you try to exit a room as the host clicks confirm you get a weird screen that looks like part of the selection screen overlaying over part of the main menu, [iirc I have a video of it wiggy out pretty fierce from the first time, if needed I'll upload it somewhere] and you have to force close the game to get rid of it. I don't know how this affects the other players. And a similar issue occurs if you try to open a chest when the host clicks confirm to start the match. Only you get stuck on the selection screen unable to do much of anything and you get stuck there too. Needing to force close it. I mashed every button and circle seemingly closed a hidden chest opening screen, but the loadout screen still didn't function properly.

The former has happened to me at least 5 times when I realize I enter endless, or the lobby just glitched on me and what I selected wasn't what I entered. The latter just happened for the first time, but I assume the cause is similar.


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