Best 3 hero teams? Best traps? Or combos? (kinda new)

First time in the Forum.
I've been playing for a week, got near every hero and am level 35+, so I'm just wondering who's the best heroes for groups?
I play with 2 mates when I can and we're just playing whoever we fancy but if there's good groups, may as well try them. 
And the traps, I love me some tar n turrets but if there's obviously good/bad traps, I'd love to know!

I often over analyse so you cannot put too much info or detail :D but any info is wanted and welcome.


  • There is no best and while some heroes are better than others they can all be fun to play. Just pick a main and go with it. For me it was Stinkeye since my friends played Blackpaw and Midnight.
  • As previously mentioned there is no really bad hero, but certainly there can be some synergy between heroes.

    Arcane damage debuff stacks, so using arcane damage traps in combination with arcane heroes will stack up quicker. Arcane heroes are Stinkeye, Oziel and Gabriella.

    Ice heroes Tundra and Hogarth can work well together to apply cold stacks to freeze enemies. You can combine this with other cold traps, later on you can use ice resonators on traps to increase trap damage to frozen enemies. 

    Smolder benefits from having fire traps around to set enemies alight. Combine this with the Naptha sprayer trap. Fire resonators and heat triggers are useful later on. 

    Ivy is useful with almost any other heroes due to her heal and enemy rooting ability. 

    Alternatively applying multiple types of effects eg burning, slow, etc will add to combo points. 

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