READY? GO! - Irritattive

I played like 10 maps and this sign:


[in a middle of my screen]

is already irritates me. Like REALLY.
You did a good job by creating all the fancy design to every map. But the only way to enjoy it - through that annoying words. On every map.
Every time studying the new location, I see it.
It reminds me about thing I already now. Every time, again!
Every new player have to study new map for about 5-to-10 minutes. You have, probably, 30 maps. 30x10=5hrs.
So every novice will see your epic MEMO for 5 hours of gameplay. MINIMUM.
Spending the most important part of the game - studying it - with that... nonsense.
Its not even first impression of a game. It is constant.
It's not essential even for multiplayer.


  • BrasegapokBrasegapok Member
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    You can remove the UI by using alt+H, you won't ever see this thing that annoys you until you use alt+H again, it will help you to study the map with less trouble, the only problem is that the minimap won't be displayed anymore.
    I hope it will help you.
    Thanks to @EffingWorms for teaching me that combination
  • I think he's on PS4 so you can't remove the hud.
  • ElvickElvick Member
    Trying to appreciate the nice details of the environments on PS4 is impossible. I wanted to screenshot the lovely art on the stainglass windows in Frostbite, but the massive ready up stuff made it impossible. So I just gave up caring. I'm not about to start a match just to actually look at stuff. Being able to make it less obtrusive would be nice.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for the feedback, I have passed it along! 
    German Community Manager
  • EffyEffy Member
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    Hm, for some reasons forum cut my post... (cuz of hyperlinks?)

    the only problem is that the minimap won't be displayed anymore.
    1 It works
    2 It is a crutches
    3 Feel the devilish irony of a situation: it makes studying map even more difficult.

    I found that there is 55 maps in the game. 10 minutes for each - it's approximately 10 hr!
    Of dodging the epic sign! "Hey, whats behind of that words?"

    Hyperlinks were for the screens for Russian, French and Spanish versions of this SIGN.
    These are top 3 of size disaster.

  • EffyEffy Member
    the only problem is that the minimap won't be displayed anymore.
    1 It helped.
    2 It is a crutches.
    3 Look at the devilish irony of a situation. You can study new map without this memo, but without minimap too :s

    Top 3 of a Disaster:
    RU - (if you fix this Fonts :'( - you'll be the best...)
    ES -
    FR -

    And yeah, I found that there is 55 maps in the game. For 10 min to each, it's approximately 10 hrs.
    Of constant "whats behind that sign" mouse behavior.
    MINIMUM 10 hrs.
  • Maybe a way to solve that problem could be an « explore/sandbox » option, giving the players the possibility to freely walk in a map with unlimited coins in order to plan on how to do the killbox on a real situation, there is no ready option and no game that can be complete, but the ghost of the minions could still be displayed on each gate in order to see where the minions would go.
    i know it’s an entirerly new suggestion, if you want, i can create the discussion, and maybe explain it further.
  • EffyEffy Member
    Move sign to the corner of a screen.
    Make it reappear in a middle for some limited time 2-3 seconds - for reminding players how much is ready and that "they should go" (c) Sheppard.
    After 2-3 sec - move it back in the corner.
    Problem - it's not this sign itself - only his placement.

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