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    • Brass's primary attacks seems to generate scraps when damaging an unstable rift, just being damaged created a scrap under the rift, and the weird thing is that the passive of Brass said that minions can drop scraps upon death, yet the unstable rift is not a minion, and it wasn't destroyed
    • Brass's primary attacks also seems to generate scraps by damaging/destroying the orange crystal shards (the one that slows the heroes) generated by the kobold mercenary.
    • the blunderbluss (primary attack) seems the only weapon that has bullets that can pierce through ennemy minions with shields that are supposed to block frontal attacks, i tried on both ennemies with shields that can block frontal assaults, both gets damaged.
    Tbh it isn't said that scrap drops on death explicitly. Instead, the tooltip says that the scrap drops from minions. What it fails to mention is that scraps only drop when targets are dealt damage by Q and LMB. You never get any scrap drops from E, RMB, turret or trap hits.

    Other interesting interactions are:

    - Brass is among the strongest Soldier-type minion killers as her LMB will count as many separate attacks,
    - Brass is piercing through shields, most likely due to the knockback feature of her autos (making the minions drop their cover).
  • @Narkh ;
    1. Yeah i cheated on the description, but usually when you say that an ennemy has dropped something, it's because it died, sorry for the confusion.
    2. I also thought of the idea of the knockback being the cause of the damage dealt to the shielded minions, i probably should have shared that thought.
    3. on this page: they said that Brass's strengths were exactly what you mentionned.
    sashimiak said:

    Brass joins the ranks

    Strengths: Brass deals an excessive amount of single target damage. Because her shotgun blast is several individual projectiles she is very effective against soldiers. She fights most effectively at medium to short range.

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    Played her today in Riftlord and Endless. She has flaws but I did have a lot of fun with her. I always went full rightclick and rest in mines.
    At the start of the game you can go rightclick > left click > left click Then the cooldown is over and you repeat. Which works better and instant (you should not go leftclick > rightclick). Later you have reduced cooldown and can go rightclick > leftclick and repeat. Thats good damage, AOE and CC. As for the turret I ignore it for the first wave until I have enough scrap. I upgrade it after the wave and place it behind a killbox (preferably behind a guardian). I had good experiences with that. It might not be in front doing most dps but I didn´t need to maintain it much and it did help for stragglers and when the crowd entered the killbox.
    Her damage is low in the beginning but ramps up good combined with good CC.
    Other than her rightclick build the rest of her kit needs some work to be useful.
  • went through most of the thread and a lot of good points

    Id just like to add
    • Her Q (wrench) animation needs to be shortened ever so slightly. there is a pause at the end of the animation where the wrench does a slight bob up and down.  That needs to go, its unecessary, shes already swung the wrench why does she have this weird windup animation.  The wrench feels slow as it is and seeing her swing, then bob up and down, then swing is driving me nuts.  who swings anything like this?
    • turret relocation so lame.  You have to break it and you cant build it back unless there is extra scrap lying around.
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    Brass is probably one of if not thee best damage dealing hero for me. i use the 1 1 1 1 build on her if im remembering correctly and can do endless with just tar and barricades basically because her mine damage is insane and with stun and 50% CD on her cannonball when you pop unchained it allows you to spam her right click as fast as you can till unchained is gone basically its a instant i win button and clears every lane she is insanely strong and her mines do a ton of damage but generally you dont want to pre place them you want to clump dudes up with tar and stuns from cannonballs and then hit E twice to instantly kill everything. insanely strong hero period. free decoys aka the turret also help clump dudes up.
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