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    • PSN: Muffinwoosh
    • Timezone: Eastern Standard time(US, NY)
    • Preferred Language(s): English
    • Account Level: 87
    • Experience: Solid I would say
    • Preferred Game Mode: I'm up for anything (;
    • Goals: looking for fun pretty much :D
    • Voice Chat: optional
    • PSN:  Half_Wolves (Don't confuse this with my OMDU account HalfWolves, there is an underscore in my PSN name)
    • Timezone: Central Standard Time
    • Preferred Language(s): English
    • Account Level: 93
    • Experience: I would say Expert but I am always willing to learn to better myself (I have a little experience with OMD2 also)
    • Preferred Game Mode: I like everything but Sabotage. I don't mind sabotage but it stresses me out more than I'd like and I have enough of that with college right now lol.
    • Goals: First, I love challenging the high scores pages so learning new methods and styles of play to achieve better scores is always a main goal of mine. Second, I'm always wanting to learn better ways to play but I have no problem passing my own knowledge onto other players who are seeking similar goals. I can play the role of teacher just as well as student. Third is to have fun not just while achieving these goals but casually as well. I can get hardcore about high-scores sometimes but am not pushy about it and I prefer a more relaxed experience over a stressful one, partly why i steer away from sabotage at times.
    • Voice Chat: I play on the PS4 so I use the chat party system over the PSN. I would prefer to play with people who have mics as communication is optimal in any game. I believe in most cases it provides a better experience for everyone involved. I have a PC account but I am terrible with the controls on the keyboard lol so you wont find me playing the PC version very often.
    • Other: I am seeking two things: First is someone who can teach me the style of play where I can compete with the individuals at the top of the high-scores. I feel that I have done well in my own right and have respectable scores on many of the maps on the PS4 (Some I have to redo still from the resetting of the scores pages). While this may be the case there is something I seem to be missing. There are a handful of individuals who can just put my scores to shame. Some maps (such as frostbite) I understand why I get beat because speed strategies kick in and I am not the best at that. Other maps however are a mystery to me. I have tried to maximize a combination of good combos with optimal speed and just keep falling short so I have ultimately decided that there exist better methods of which I have yet to discover. Second is that I am looking for a clan on the PS4 version of the game that emphasizes at least to a moderate degree scores competition. While I know many are not as hardcore as I am with high-scores I would like to find a group of people that are at least interested in it and willing to both share and receive advice on how to better themselves and others. Other things I am looking for in a clan is decent but not hardcore activity level and a group who conduct themselves as adults. I'm not joining a group with an inappropriate clan name or clan description. I was scanning through the list of clans earlier and I just have to say wow, a good number of them fit in the inappropriate category lol.

    Anyways, If anyone reading this could suggest a good clan on the PS4 where I could both enjoy and learn I would certainly appreciate it. Like I said earlier I am just as willing to help people as I am willing to learn.

    Happy orc killing,
  • Hi I want to join a guild. I am level 30+ and play every day. My favourite character is blackpaw. 
    • PSN: Elvick_
    • Timezone: PST
    • Preferred Language(s): English
    • Account Level: 95
    • Experience: Expert
    • Preferred Game Mode: Chaos Trials [funner with people]
    • Goals: Would love to get the 15x Combo trophy, only thing I can't do alone and it's the only trophy I have left [other than the 200 million coins]
    • Voice Chat: Mic is broken so no.
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