So much bugging (ps4)

Didn't find any reports of this so here it comes. The Costume Game list is really buggy and most of the custome games has already started even though it just got visible on the list. Also many of the costume games on the list doesn't disappear after it has started or been removed.

Another annoying bug is Midnights Dash And Slash attack. You slashing forwards but doesn't do any damage and then you "teleports" back to where you used the attack as nothing has happened.

The same goes for Stinkeye, sometimes the primary attack doesn't do any damage when you are shooting at his totem or maby the numbers just doesn't show.

Another thing is the Unstable rift's health. It doesn't show when you are near the rift or sometimes it doesn't show att all.

We also desperately need a Level selection in Costume games. Too many rookies are joining Rift lord maps and they have no idea what to do.

And the last thing I can think of for now (not a bug but still) is that your heroes current skin doesn't show in the picture before and after a match when you see the three heroes in the group. Really annoying when there are so many cool skins in the game.



  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for the feedback and bug reports! I have passed everything along to the team. 

    Regarding the level restriction for custom games and the skin preview, we've had similar suggestions before but it is good to know they are still a request.
    German Community Manager
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