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Currently many traits feel weak or have very little impact on gameplay, like for example +1 coins per second that many traits have is almost useless, because every minute of gameplay will only net you 60coins, 10 minutes 600 coins and so on.

This is just an example of how weak Traits can be, but i understand you don't balance the game around these traits, which is perfectly fine, but it'd nice if some of them were more noticeable, not to say all traits are unnoticeable. Big Spender, the lifesteal, cost reduction traits and a few others seem to have a good and noticeable impact on the gameplay, but traits like "Walks It Off", which gives you a 12% faster respawn time are basically worthless, if it was a 75% faster respawn, then yeah i'd say it could useful if your prone to dying lots.

The traits that increase your damage against specific enemies by 12% i.e Gnolls, Trolls, etc. Are quite weak and could use an increase to say 25% - 30% more damage to X enemies, at least it'd be useful then.

I could mention a few more mostly useless Traits, but i think you get my point and that is "MAKE (certain) TRAITS MORE NOTICEABLE(Or in otherwords actually useful)"

Anyway that's my thoughts/feedback on traits and i'd love it if ALL the traits were reviewed and the ones that are worthless/underpowered got buffed. 


  • I too think the entire traits section needs a full overhaul.

    Some traits seem boring and uninteresting for a new player they get a new trait and say "-25% hero respawn cost sounds useless" instead imagine if it was 75%. Close to being amazing but sure sounds great. Or making never pays retail into gain a hero level after respawning by paying.

    Or just combine traits like rift gift (Gain full health and mana after the destroy a rift) and rift rocket (+50% movement speed for 5 seconds after destroying a rift). This now looks like an attractive trait for keys with more rifts.

    Natural Born Sprinter: (+50% movement speed when unchained) Is boring no one picks it. (Aside from combo masters). Instead make it when you kill a minion it has a chance to drop a speed boost +50% movement speed for 5 seconds. That sounds so much cooler.

    Brother Mauled By Grizzlies: (+12% damage to grizzlies) Instead add to it every bear you kill reduces the cooldown of your moves by 2 seconds.

    Each trait needs to change the way you play.
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    Thank you both for your feedback! I have passed this along to Design. I think the basic question here is how much of an impact traits should have on games so looking at this from a few different sides is definitely a good idea. And it's good to know if it feels a bit underwhelming for players.
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  • Each trait needs to change the way you play.
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  • +1 coin is just a passive match bonus on those traits though, I can't think of a single one that actually has it as the main draw. And aren't most of the ones with that matching bonus giving you coins on top of that +1 per second? ie' 250 per match, more coins for combos and such? I feel like most of the triangle traits have that as the matching bonus. It's not super strong, but it's okay. And it makes me feel fine putting said traits on the slot where there is no matching bonus. Since I'm not losing something big. The only change I'd like to see is it working in go breaks like Max's +3 weaver.

    If it's only going to work during waves it may as well just be +1 coin for combos/kills or something. Or a different number. I don't see why there's the inconsistency there. And I'd not like Max to nerfed to make it consistent. Changing some of them to something more creative would be nice though. Like increased coin drop rate or something. Same ballpark of providing coin bonuses. Less repetition.

    I generally go for the same ones, I rarely remember to even change them honestly. Kinda wish there weren't two different life steal ones for this reason. I always forget to change it. And I agree the enemy ones feel underwhelming, especially in endless. But I don't even really notice much of a difference when I use one than when I don't. I'd rather just get a bonus that works on everything at that point.
  • Similar thread from a while ago, might be worth a read:

    I hope traits get reworked/buffed sooner rather then later.
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