Minions and where to find them

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Because of the changed quests we listed specificly all minions of any Rift-Lord and Master maps Slay'em all! :) 
In case you need more than one boss of a kind it is highly recommended to not destroy the Unstable Rifts. 

Rift Lord


Thanks: Thank you @Beleth for the help.
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    Oh here it is :D Great work on the translation :P

    Some notes:
    • Confluence has Urza and Rumrudder too IIRC.
    • Maximum Security has Urza too.
    • I might be wrong on this one but didn't Gates have Gaedin too?
    • I recall seeing Orfum at Highlands but maybe it was Master? Crogon Keep had lyzander didn't it?
    The rest of the bosses sound right for me.

    Some of the minions names don't match the actual quests names like the Orc bombers aka dynamite/TNT archers.

    Master will probably be more useful for most (new) people and what about endless?
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    Highlands  and crogon are correct. 

    max sex:
    -"Earth elemental" Geadin

  • Thanks for the notes. Sometimes playing and writing at the same time doesn't work well :)
    @TimeMaster Master is our next target. Endless got lowest priority, because the guide focusses daily quest progress and preplanning strategies for newbies on rift lord and master.
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    As an FYI (I needed to know for my quest) - Snowflake the Yeti can be found on Avalanche in the Master bucket. Final wave, he comes from the north, middle camp. (the ship spawn pt)
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  • Thank you :) We will play every map and try to write down all the minions and bosses. Snowflake is unfortunately one of the bosses that only appears on a single map on Master. 
  • Most bosses are noted on the map selection page before you enter the map. Most are correct, however there are a few inaccuracies that will be fixed next patch. 
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    This is really awesome and useful. Thank you for the work you put into this!

    German Community Manager
  • First of all, thanks for this.
    Second, how the hell did you not name the thread "Fantastic minions and where to find them"?
  • StraggyStraggy Member
    @SnipahShot That would have been too obvious ;)
  • StraggyStraggy Member
    Master Maps are added. Hope it will help you guys :)
  • Straggy said:
    Master Maps are added. Hope it will help you guys :)
    Tubifore spawns in the last wave on Orcatraz, together with Sarge and Commander Tower.
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    Thx for feedback @SnipahShot. We will check it soon.

    Edit: You are right @SnipahShot :) Table updated
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  • Unfortunately, on Orcatraz, Tubifore has been replaced by (Morefun with) Orfum.
  • vrmlbasic said:
    Unfortunately, on Orcatraz, Tubifore has been replaced by (Morefun with) Orfum.
    Was just about to write the same thing.
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    Sorry Guys for this late reaction,

    this is the link to our google doc

  • Could we please get an update to this to include the new "Wu Xing" maps? Would be awesome since my buddies and I use this everyday :)
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