... and the crowd chant "holy sh@t! holy sh@t!"

Replaying 'The Wall' on Master level using Midnight earlier this morning. At the entrance to the main gate (aka the 'Corridor of Doom') a sizeable crowd of minions stumbles into a combination of tar, flame, arrow, spike and ceiling pounder right at the time I trigger Midnight's 'slash and dash' skill - this results in a multi-kill score of 44, which had me laughing like a drain. Because apparently I find group slaughter entertaining.

To me, this is one of those moments where the crowd chant 'holy orc!' in both amazement and amusement. What are your 'holy orc!' moments with OMD!U?

- 'Mog


  • When you are getting chased by hunters while on zero health.

    It's so scary but at the same time amazing.
  • Facing off against three bouncing bears.

    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
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