Temper Needs A Few Changes

RaNdOmKiLs666RaNdOmKiLs666 Member
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Below is a few changes/ideas i think would benefit Temper's playstyle and kit.

Exploding Hammer: This ability has its uses, but feels underwhelming in comparison to Temper's other abilities. If this ability could stun mercs/bosses, it'd have some utility outside of AoE knockback, i think a 2 second stun against mercs/bosses would be enough.

Set Off Weaver: I think most will agree this weaver is really situational and is rarely picked because of this reason. Replacing this weaver with a straight up 30% Area-of-effect increase to Temper's Hammer Slam would be a helluva lot better then the floor traps being set off.

Kicking Mad Weaver: I honestly don't even notice the knockback difference when i tried this weaver. Replacing this with something else might be the way to go. Here's two suggestions for a replacement...

1. Gone Berzerk: After Temper explodes at max rage his attack speed and movement speed are increased by 50% for 5 seconds

2. Burning Aura: When Temper's Rage is over 125 he emits an aura around himself that deals moderate damage to nearby enemies.

Anyway this is just my thoughts on what should be changed to make Temper feel more fluid and interesting to play.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I agree with the Hammer but I find those upgrades among the best of the hero, most maps are about floor and wall traps, reactivating traps i one of the most valuable tools in the game, the other one makes the best tool in the game easier, instakills. Small and Big guys can be thrown out of the map with it.

    But the above might be more advanced mechanics? I don't know.
  • NarkhNarkh Member
    While I'd rather leave suggestions regarding gameplay to Temper enthusiasts, I wanted to add my two cents on how the hero feels.

    The thing that makes me avoid playing Temper is his attack sequence/animation. The way he swings his arms makes me feel he is disabled in some way and therefore isn't able to control his body properly. Other than that, for a raging bull, he's surprisingly dull. By comparison, Bloodspike's animations and character are way closer to what a hero using rage should be. His charge is pretty frustrating to use on the majority of maps too.
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