Why did my endless end with me having 22 rift points left?

38:46. Is that some time limit? The game just says, yep, you've had enough. Forget about wave 25. I was at wave 22 or 23. The baths.
Happened for the 3rd time now. I am expecting it to just cut me off for no real reason. Help. 


  • If it is on Play Station. I think they implamented this because of some resin... Like major lag or to much memory loss I'm not entirely sure.
  • @Delente, correct. PS4 due to technical limitations, had an issue where the game would crash around the 40 minute mark. Rather than go unrewarded, Robot patched this to end the game "normally" at around that time so you receive rewards. They do realise this is not the ideal solution though. 
  • Eternal - the good news is that as your account level goes up, you deal more damage.  As your traps reach T7, they also deal more damage and refire rates w/parts improve (overall dps increases significantly).  You will be able to complete wave 25 easily when you get high enough level.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there. Unfortunately as yobbobear explained due to technical limitations of the PS4 that were causing crashes, we put a fail safe in place that will automatically shut off games at the 40 minute mark. This was done to ensure players get the full rewards for their time investment up to that point. Apologies for the trouble.
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