Major Update Soon?

Is there going to be a major update sometime soon? It seems like the game's due for a big update considering it's been about 4 or more months since the last major content update.

Can a mod or dev comment on anything regarding the next update? Like will the custom games list be fixed on PS4? Will we get new, maps, traps, heroes etc? Pretty much any useful info or hints on these things will be appreciated.



  • OMDwangOMDwang Member
  • 7531284875312848 Member
    Boring.The game needs updating.
  • apinapin Member, War Mage Founder
    Whenever this game had a big pause and players waited for next update a few months- it means very bad news for game: big changes in gameplay, removing game modes, progress and leaderboards reset... I expect something like this or cancelling of whole game. Developers killed OMDU :(
    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

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