Compensation for weekend outages, March 10th - 11th.

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On Saturday morning, March 10th, our data center began a scheduled maintenance that occurs once every five years. While an outage was unlikely for us due to failsafes, one of our firewalls did not recover gracefully. Once the firewall was fixed, an issue cropped up with routing to one of our databases. As you can see, it was a bit of a perfect storm of issues for us this weekend and our operations team was working long hours to get things fixed.

On Sunday morning, we were more prepared in case things went bad, which they did. As soon as the data center began maintenance on March 11th, we suffered another outage. Operations knew the steps to take to fix the issue, but it still took a few hours to fix.

Finally, later that afternoon we suffered some connection issues. Again, these were cleared up in a few hours.

We are very sorry for this weekend interruption. We know, as players ourselves, that weekends are a great opportunity to relax and get in some game time and when that is taken away for whatever reason it very demoralizing and we would like to compensate all of our players for this unfortunate event. Compensation will take a bit of time to complete, so please be patient with us once again.

Here’s the breakdown:

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

  • All players (including new ones) will receive 9,000 Skulls and a seven (7) day Battle Pass.

Hero Academy 2

  • If you had an active Gem Pass, you will be awarded 500 Gems for the days missed.
  • All players will receive 3,000 Gold to spend as they like for the two days affected.

Thank you so much for your patience this weekend and to the kind people thanking us for the updates and cheering our operations team on. We are blessed to have such an amazing community of players enjoying the games we make and we hope that you all will continue to enjoy them, even when the unexpected occurs. We will message when the compensation begins on our socials, forums, Steam, Reddits, and in-game where possible.

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  • OMDwangOMDwang Member
  • Спасибо, очень приятно!!!  Еще, пожалуйста, сделайте  что нибудь, что бы мы могли потратить эти черепа. У меня, например, около 300 тысяч черепов, а потратить я их не могу. Так же более 200 тысяч потрохов тоже висят мертвым грузом. 
  • ToyPrinceToyPrince Member
    edited March 14
    Will there be an alternative (perhaps Gold) compensation for those who have reached max player level (therefore, they do not need XP/Battle Pass) and have max trap tiers (therefore, they do not need skulls)? 
    Or will the next update provide uses for skulls? 

    Thank you, it's very thoughtful to provide compensation. 
  • It's not everyday you see a game company compensate players for server issues or other problems. Bravo and thanks for your generosity Robot team :)
  • AbcrestAbcrest Member
    When will we get the rewards, and where can i check for these 3 new skins for Maximillian?

  • Exuro92Exuro92 Member
    Nice! Looking forward to some awesome updates!
  • NananeaNananea Member, Administrator, Moderator, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Featured Developer
    We're looking to release a bug fix update next week which should include the compensation.
    Robot Entertainment | Community Manager | Skull Ninja
  • Thank you very much, freebies like that win hearts and minds of people!
  • Got 1.15 update on March 20th, now game won't even start. Stays on title screen. Bottem left reads...
    Win32 Game Client Build Version: #####
    Win62 Game Client Build Version: #####
    Server Build Version: #####
    Dashboard Build Version: 10001

    What is wrong?
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