Latest event Tag Teaming Trio - killing bosses doesn't count

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I'll try to keep it short. I played Brass solo on 3 maps, 2 war mage and 1 master. I 5 stared all of them i.e killed all the bosses but my counter is still 0 (zero). What gives? Never had THAT much issues with events... Is there any hidden condition one needs to meet apart from killing any bosses on war made difficulty?


  • You need to kill bosses with Maximilian. "War mage" is his second name or nickname, I don't know. You can kill them on any map on any difficulty. And it looks like mercenaries count as bosses too. :) That's probably a bug.

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    @AndrewLRG Thanks!
    I managed to get 7 "boss" kills, played max 2 times on graveyard with Max. It's the most idiotic way of obfuscating information. Someone tried really hard to make this objective unclear :angry:

    Can't you just write Max or Maximilian? When you call a character and difficulty level the same way and use only upper case letters it's bound to make problems... bleh.

    Edit: The wording is ninja fixed. You do work fast, gotta give you that! Thanks!
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