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    Hello guys,

    The team has been hard at work trying to isolate and resolve the issues causing crashes in endless mode on PS4, but we don't have any new information to share yet. I'll make sure to give you an update as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the inconvenience it might cause and keep on slaying!
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  • Thanks for the update 
  • Did you all come over from call of duty or something!? Because it certainly feels that way. Modded? What a joke. Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better....

    Go kick rocks and you’ll earn 1 million gold every 32 minutes without power generators. You gotta be crazy if you think I’m gunna help you out after your attitude. You blew it. I have helped a lot of people on this game through my streams if you consider that selfish? And never gold boosted in endless with power gens... If you think this is my main profile I don’t know what to tell you. Best of luck.

    No need to deteriorate the patch notes more than it already has been. If you wanna talk smack send me a pm, otherwise gg.
  • If we are going to use triggers in traps (other than heat/combo) we need to be able to slot them at the start of the game when we are picking traps. We need to have a coherent set that will cover what's needed and that's not necessarily possible unless we limit traps to particular roles in advance. This is especially true in team play. Obviously this complicates coordination and will push to lengthen before game launch time.
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    ShadeDev said:
    liels said:
    Harmonia said:

    Ceiling Ballista and Dragon Lance:

    • Damage increased by 20%.
    • Cooldown increased by 20%.
      Developer Comment: This change is designed to further accentuate the ballista's role as a large minion killer.

    We've discussed all of these perspectives quite significantly.  Before I give my perspective, understand that your perspective is not wrong.  However, at the end of the day, the design team has to make difficult decisions.  It is very difficult to please everyone.

    Players hate having things nerfed; it feels like the game de-values the time they spent grinding and learning.  However, if we only buff under-used items, then player power will only inflate over time.  This is a problem, because it means the game will eventually stop being challenging.  

    So why do we feel the need to make balance changes (and nerfs)?  Replayability in a tower defense comes from diversity in strategies.  All of the traps do have intended strengths and weaknesses, but they are not necessarily explicit.  We hope the player notices that spike traps have trouble hitting runners, brimstone/firecrackers are good at catching runners, tar is good at preventing traps from missing, physics are good against small minions, etc.

    The more a player feels like there is only a "single right answer" or a "universal strategy", the less replayability will exist and the faster players typically get bored.  Furthermore, it reduces the need to have many traps for different situations.

    So why not increase the number of slots?  We actually believe this has the opposite of the perceived effect.  Choices are more interesting when you cannot use every trap you want.  When you can take every trap you might want to use, there's no incentive to re-evaluate and change your build from game to game.

    Anyhow, I hear you.  Hopefully you will find the changes make the game more enjoyable overall, after you have had a chance to experiment with new strategies.

    With the trigger buffs and guardian changes, I firmly believe that player power was overall buffed.
    I agree that player power was overall buffed; you might need to buff minions to re-balance ... exactly to your point; I agree that you don't want creeping player power. My point about there always being something that is usually better than others remains ... when the player base finds it you'll be in the same boat you started in, and you'll move our cheese to our irritation :)

    I'm skeptical about the trap slots and creativity ... what has "helped" was nerfing the power generator which has given me an additional slot. Before that change, almost always there would be 'cade, damaging floor trap (probably scorcher, even after nerf), (v)tar, power gen, damaging wall trap (or spike wall), BGH ballista and damaging ceiling trap (probably ballista, but maybe haymaker depending on the map); that's everything with no room for other things. If I had another couple of slots I might well try unusual things. (but probably not mana or health buffs ... as you note, those can be gotten by gear (or potions). Adding even 2 slots might make things a lot more interesting.

    Finally, I'm still irritated about the stunning accumulator nerf. It was fun to use flip traps as a damaging floor trap for big minions, and I miss it.

  • I apologize for wasting the time of your superior intellect.  I'm simply not accustomed to communicating with such a proficient Call of Duty member.  I'm not sure how effective your crying will be when it comes to game balance, but I applaud your dedication as you obviously have a passion for profusely crying.

  • I apologize for wasting the time of your superior intellect.  I'm simply not accustomed to communicating with such a proficient Call of Duty member.  I'm not sure how effective your crying will be when it comes to game balance, but I applaud your dedication as you obviously have a passion for profusely crying.
    You simply amaze me.  COD sucks.  Nobody has cried about game balance at all.  Matter of fact I've never once said that they should Nerf anything in this game, only that there were other routes that could've been taken with the power generators.  Seeing how xOrcsMustGetHigh has multiple accounts, one would assume given the similarities between your arguments, you might just be another of his accounts.  Pitiful if that's true.  Unlike you I don't care about leaderboard status nor do I care what you may think of me.  This thread is an open discussion on the latest update for this game and I've shared my opinion on the matter.  Hope you have fun in your endeavors.  

    PS.  xOrcsMustGetHigh.....nobody on this thread has asked you for any help.  Just proof to back up your claims of making 1 million coin in 32 mins.

  • Hey I'd love to know how to get stupid high combos solo, I've never been able to figure it out.  I'd take a link pointing me in the right direction or a vague hint.  I think once in a great while I hit 11 or 12 if I'm really trying but it doesnt seem possible to go higher based on what little I know. 

    I just dropped in to the forum to chime in on the patch and the new disconnects, I'm not a lifer or anything but I like the game (and yeah I'm a sucker for trophies but I'd probably never grind out the 200m nerf or no nerf).  Just the recent instability and the inevitable 'now all I get is gibs' rng loot curse have run me off for now.   I'll check back next patch!
  • @Jackbenz1990

    Oh, it’s you again. So, here we go with being misinformed again. Let me clear this up. He stated he could get a million coin in 32 minutes. He then wanted to post his leaderboard stats of 600000000000000, in which, bravo.  This proves nothing.  Showing this score equals nothing, score isn’t coin. And certainly he didn’t do that in 32 minutes, so not exactly seeing the correlation.  2 people may have told me here it isn’t the fastest way to earn coin, but not exactly seeing videos  of the combos being better.  I yet again appreciate you coming back to talk. 
    I don't want to sound hostile, cause i really don't like fighting especially on meaningless issues like this one but you seem to have a huge issue with reading. You started complaining about powergens being nerfed (check your comment history) BECAUSE: as you said, they were the main way to get closer to the "empty pocket" achievement, therefore the devs were alienating the entire player community of this game because powergens were being used as a tool to "cheat" on sabotage which you don't even play. 

    Then a player told you that it's not unreasonable to have this nerf on cause it doesn't really change anything, ESPECIALLY for the achievement...then you answer him challenging to show you a video where he actually do that. now OMGH is arguably a little too edgy in his answers, but he is right nontheless. On top of that you are responding me with hostility when i simply pointed out reasons on behalf of the devs and players...then again, happy you appreciated :)
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    Hey I'd love to know how to get stupid high combos solo, I've never been able to figure it out.
    Here's a great vid explains a lot:

    Or you can watch @Kefkafish or @xOrcsMustGetHigh on twitch they are great players and also nice and friendly.

    edit: Got some incorrect grammer
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    Beta feeling again. Another changes of almost every values in game and even another reset of leaderboard.
    Very, very bad move. This game is dying and beta changes in every patch (of full release) will not help :( Beta changes and resets leads game to doom! Please stop!

    Also some bugs are there:
    When Brass place a turret on middle of guardian spot, idle guardian will walk around. Guardian keep walking around even if turret is destroyed/moved

    Temper (and i bet other non-mana heroes too) triggers mana well.
    Pleas add chat and next functions suggested in other threads into custom game list.

    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

  • Sorry but this achievement takes well over 300 hours. I'm a little over 200 hours, just have 2 levels left to five star and I'm sitting at 12%. It's just out of balance with the rest of the content and achievements. This is not a bragging rights achievement. It just shows how much life you wasted instead. It's not skill based. I'm ok with a few hundred hours worth of achievements on orcs, because I think there is content to fill it. but this achievement is like a 1500-2k hours grind, which is absolutely horrible. I've been a part of a few people that discussed some extreme grind achievements in age of empires 2 with the devs. You had to win 1k matches with every civilization. There are 30 civilizations and each match takes like 25min up to 2 hrs. They finally patched it down to 100 wins per civ. Still decently high but do able.
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    I believe you are overestimating by a long shot.

    Math proves otherwise

    290k gold earned in 8 mins

    To keep it simple, I will round it to an even number of 10 minutes which will include both loading screens times. Even though loading screens don’t take that long.

    290k x 6 = 1 hour / 1,740,000 Gold earned 

    1,740,000 x 24 = 24 hours / 41,760,000  Gold earned 

    41,760,000 x 5 = 120 hours /  208,800,000 Gold earned

    I will state that’s it’s harder to obtain for the standard player just starting out, low rank traps, low damage etc. 

    You are not going to get that type of figure with a level 20 account.

    You do not have to be max level 100 to obtain that type of figure.

    You do not need Power Generators to obtain that figure.

    You are not going to get that figure playing Co/Op.

    Has to be done solo.

    Best of luck.
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