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Some of you may already have seen this on the Robot Entertainment blog, but unfortunately there were some sad news to share this week. 


As you may know from Harmonia or Nananea, I'm not actually with Robot Entertainment but was hired as a freelancer almost a year ago, initially to moderate the German sub forums here on the official forums and Steam. I will be stepping down as the German Community Manager tomorrow and will miss working with all these great people a lot. However, I will be staying on as a player and fan of OMDU and Hero Academy 2, so if you're in desperate need of bad jokes, confusing, long winding forum posts or have any questions about the game or need help, feel free to give me a poke via pm on here or on the OMDU or HA2 discords. 

You are an awesome community and you helped make this job a ton of fun over the past year, so thank you all for tolerating me and keep on being awesome!

German Community Manager


  • Thanks for being a great community manager.
  • Much love from the community.

    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
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  • As you might now, on March 26th 2018 Robot decided to lay off 30 employees as part of its new plan of developing the company. As community administrator and NuNs co-founder, i feel that a message of appreciation and farewell is due. I think that the most important thing of all is thanking @[ROBOT]Sashimiak for his commitment and constant support during the NuNs community endless event. Without knowing he helped us grow with his constant support and because of that we are deeply grateful. I would like to mention, and i hope that you already know this, that all the criticism that came from me or from this community did not come from hate or narrow mindedness but from a constant desire to improve and there is no need of improvement if no one cares about ones work. This being said i want you to know that with your help we became a community and while the community felt a constant need to improve, we all posted our messages on the forum because we knew that you and your colleagues will hear us and most importantly you will care about what we say and support us. It is my deepest hope that some day you might find some free time and join our guild. We would love to have our biggest supporter as part of our team.
    Thank you @[ROBOT]Sashimiak

    ManceRader, NuNs community and guild co-founder
  • Печально, спасибо за твою работу и помощь  :'( :'( :'(
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    @sashimiak You and @timemaster have been a blessing in disguise, with you’re interest of helping us players out on the Forums.

    I’ve always considered you the Go-To person.

    I wish you the best of luck with you’re future endeavors.
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    I also want to give a shoutout to everyone that was let go cuz of the downsizing or just moved on to different things. 

    It’s an unfortunate situation. 

    Thank you for all of you’re help and keeping this game alive.

    Best wishes and regards to all of you. 


    I hope you keep the OMDU legacy alive ROBOT
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    I agree with your sentiments @xOrcsMustGetHigh. I have been playing since Open Beta and still enjoy this game, and I think in general it had a nice community. 
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