Come back of siege mode.

Then here we are, I had tryhard the mode a lot sit on OMD. Since the closure(lock) of this mode I do not play any more OMD, do you think you can put back(hand) this mode? With a ranking and all this? Because well a mode MOBA on a game(set,play) as OMD it was totally fabulous, aucunx games(sets) makes that and maintaining that your game(set,play) is populated well I do not think that the mode will not walk(work), on the contrary.
A MOBA with a defence system with traps, nobody does not make that and this mode misses me enormously, and not that to me, full of players wait for the return of this mode.


  • apinapin Member, War Mage Founder
    The game is dead, employees were dismissed and OMDU servers will be closed within year
    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

  • Robot went full retard and fired like 30+ people for no damn reason or at least not a valid one imo, which means this game is no longer receiving updates.
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