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As the game is not gonna get any more updates I thought that a final list of unreleased stuff would be good. Since there has been a lot of teasers and interesting looking heroes.

Heroes who were once in the game:
Chinese Heroes:

Other Heroes:

These images were released after the orcs kickstarter boardgame these hero images were released but removed from the final project.
But these heroes did have a 3D model as the creators of the boardgame have said that they worked with 3D models to make the statues.

These final things are going to be some interesting models which have most been released by artists so there work on the models doesn't get forgotten.

Temper Skin Elite:
Leadfoot Boss:
Yeti Boss:
Deadeye Skin Legendary:

Finally a minion from an insider access from a while back:

I hope this doesn't make anyone depressed. But it has been a great game with plenty of fun hours. More models are appearing on sites like artstation because animators and artists are looking for more work.
My hope is to see more of these unreleased stuff.

EDIT: I've been informed about some more stuff
A replacement swifty. Worked into choatic kobold.

This is from the same insider access as the other one insider access 78.

Found another skin a smolder one. Called Smolder Elite. This was on deviantart someone extracted it from the code directly:

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  • LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    Damn alot of that stuff looks nice.
    Really too bad.

    I'm sure no one care about posting them - we all saw this coming a while ago.
  • AxonyAxony Member
    where did they state that there will be no more updates?
  • This is pretty clear:

    "Today, the company is making a strategic shift to focus on a single internal game project."
    Then later on "Robot will continue to operate Hero Academy 2 and Orcs Must Die! Unchained. And we will announce a new game soon."

    So they are keeping the servers online but moving all staff left on to the new game. Which is on the other thread.
  • apinapin Member, War Mage Founder
     Mulan, Brass
    ? , Deadeye, ?, ?
    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

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    apin said:
     Mulan, Brass
    ? , Deadeye, ?, ?
    Yeah they were teased before they were released. I just didn't remove them from the image.

    Whether the samarai guy is mulan is arguable. But I think they look like different heroes.
    Mulan could have had multiple designs before the image we see now but the silhouettes were released before the teaser trailer of Chinese heroes. So they could have changed the samarai into the mulan but I guess we will not know.
  • verizonwirelessverizonwireless Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Hey, i recognize that silhouette chart! This does make me really sad. I was so into the lore and feel like it had so much to offer, so i was always excited for new characters.
    It annoys me as well that the entire time they were so tight lipped about everything, all the way until the end. They really had a lot to learn about keeping a community interested and involved.
    Damn it, i'd love if they just released all the assets like with paragon to let the community have it. Wishful thinking knowing robot. I wonder if there's even anyone left checking the forums.
  • Updated with a smolder skin
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    some unreleased skins and concepts are here

    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

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