Custom Game List UI Overlap Bug - [PS4]

Pretty simple glitch that sometimes happens when the custom game list refreshes and the available custom games on the list overlap each other. It usually fixes it's self when you go to a different tab or wait for the list to update again. 


  • I have experienced this too.  I think (I didn't try to reproduce the issue) it happened as I was scrolling the highlighted row right as the display was updating the list.
  • To reproduce:

    Click on one of the custom games (don't join just check)(Not the first in the list). When it is supposed to dissapear it doesn't. Then it sticks around until you refresh it.
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello guys,

    Thank you for this report, our team will look into this asap ;)

    Keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
  • Glitch still not fixed :/
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