Some Yi-Lin questions featuring Paging Dr Love

Hi and sorry for bothering you guys, I was wondering of the trait Paging Dr Love's healing boosting attributes work on Yi-Lin's self-healing skills provided my Moon's Healing. I usually play Rift Lord levels and Chaos Trials with two friends of mine with account levels 80+ (my own is at 58 right now), and I'm trying to boost my damage output and healing a bit. Currently I'm using Killer Buzz in the pentagon slot, as well as Enjoys Pain, Bear Hugs and Feeling Fierce, and intend on replacing Enjoys Pain with Paging Dr Love once I find it in case it works on Moon's Healing. As far as Weavers go, I usually go Healing Moon, Element of Surprise, Aspect of the Tiger and Blessing of Lotus. 

Thanks for the replies in advance. 


  • с удовольствием бы поделился опытом, но переводчик переводит кашу из набора слов. Я ничего не понял что ты спрашиваешь(((( :'(
  • NurpleNurple Member
    @ Leshii79 Haha, it's okay, I appreciate the gesture. I needed Google Translator too, no shame it that. Thanks anyways for replying.
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