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  • Hey TechNx, thanks for letting us know you're having this issue. Our team has taken a look at the drop rate for PS4 and identified a problem that we are hotfixing right now. It will take a little time to completely roll out, but it should be resolve…
  • Hi Kicked, Thank you for posting the content of your review here to begin a discussion about it with the community as we asked. I have removed your insult from the post and will remind you one final time that antagonistic comments about members of …
  • Locking this thread. The forums are a place for substantive, constructive discussion not offsite links without any context.
  • PC update will come with Wu Xing Battles on October 25!
  • Oh, she's going to be available this year. There's a lot of great content in store for 2017!  
  • Hey Kicked, We've given you a lot of leeway to make your opinions known and we welcome feedback. However, we also need to enforce rules and ensure that these community spaces like the forums and Steam discussions are welcoming to all players. You …
  • That's the power of prime time! The progress is fastest during the early afternoon our time, that's when EU and NA players are both logged in heavily and the progress moves pretty speedily. Also, yeah, the Destiny 2 launch definitely impacted the p…
  • We do think the PS4 community is going to make it @Slerpderp42. There just aren't as many players this week on PS4, what with all the Destiny 2 launch hype. It's going to be close, but don't give up!
  • Unfortunately, I've had to edit another comment and lock this thread. Keep your comments relevant to OMDU and observe the forum rules. Repeated infractions will lead to temporary suspension from the forums, which will become permanent for players w…
  • This forum is a place for respectful discussion. Disrespectful comments are not tolerated, whether in jest or not. 
  • Correct -- each event chest has a set of vanity items, and the grand prize is that sexy Max skin These community event chests have set rewards that will be the same for everyone, one set of rewards for each goal. 
  • Thanks for letting us know about this issue with the event title translations! Unfortunately, with only *one* title and no neutral option, we'll have to use a singular option. Using the masculine for all titles seems the best solution since this adh…
  • This is fantastic work! She's so cute, and yet still so evil!
  • Join us tomorrow for a PC patch preview Insider Access episode at 3 pm Central! 
  • Hey everyone, we appreciate this feedback on the weekly challenges. Be sure to use their names if you're talking about which are fun or not fun, too easy, too hard. That will help the developers read through the feedback!  The challenges are schedu…
  • We'll have another hero coming to PS4 within the next few weeks, but whether that's Tundra or Deadeye I will leave up to your imaginations for now!
  • The next event will be a weekend event that has concurrent goals (more similar to the first event). Endless Summer will be a longer event but that's ALL I am giving you until we post the full event Sorry, we were talking about both the next weeken…
  • Axony said: because if you loose sabotage 24 vs 25 the 24 do not count ^^ That's definitely the suspicion. We're taking a look to see if that impacted the results. The next event won't use that goal.