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  • I merged these two threads together and am moving to the bugs and tech section. Thanks for letting us know!
  • Can't confirm when she's coming, but let's say sooner rather than later. You guys know I like to hold off on the "soon" until it's not too far!
  • DaTeddyBear said: Harmonia said: * Resolved issue with Tundra's ability becoming disabled due to a combination of the gear disable modifier and one of Tundra's weavers. I think the same thing happens to Tempers attacks during enr…
  • Kobold is out of the bag on this one! Really can't wait!
  • Hey everyone: one minor issue with this update on the Falling Folly map. You may see a message that indicates "paths needs to be rebuilt." This is just some debugging language that didn't get removed and there's nothing to be concerned about. 
  • Hey guys, sorry for the delay this morning. We hit a minor snag. Well not that minor, we had a bit of a meltdown with a key PC this morning in the office. Patch days are always fun!  Everything else went *great* though, and we're pleased to say tha…
  • Hey Pjk2002, were you the one who asked this during Insider Access? The Crogon had really specific behaviors when it was previously in game and it would be quite a bit of work to bring it back to the game. As Shade mentioned it's more likely that …
    in Crogon Boss Comment by Harmonia June 2
  • I've made this title a bit more generic to encourage others to leave feedback on the specific hero quests.
  • I love this thread
  • Actually, it's BOTH today! I know that's not normal, but I am out on vacation next Thursday so we're doing both this week We really, really wanted to have an entire IA episode for the brand new game mode that's coming next update, so tune in this …
  • I've been promising you guys this list for a while, here it is! Midnight - Jaimie Marchi Smolder - Monica Rial Gabriella - Collen Clinkenbeard Stinkeye - Chris Rager Blackpaw - Mike McFarland Bloodspike - Christopher Sabat Ivy - Tia Ballard …
    in Voice Actors? Comment by Harmonia May 24
  • The community feedback about the previously available avatars has been received, loud and clear, and been passed along to the development team internally. We talked about this on the Orcs After Dark stream last Thursday right after the update. As s…
  • Guys, let's please keep this thread on topic and constructive. I've removed a few posts. Regardless of the size of the download, this was not a patch. This was a small hotfix to fix several priority bugs, which were listed here in the original post…
  • Very relaxing music selection Grats on the springs!
  • mdragoon said: @Harmonia Do you know if it would be possible to just have the trap list it's refire time based on upgrades in the trap description of the launcher? I'm sure it'd take some work by the dev team but it would be good information fo…
  • Thank you AndrealVox for this amazing clip!! https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyInquisitiveKoalaTheTarFu
  • @SeanPoe There shouldn't be a change to the number of enemies a melee hero can hit. 
  • As Shade said, the increase to Sabotage rewards were in XP and skulls, so sounds like it *was* really good luck on your part
  • Badges don't automatically display, so in order to make it visible you'll need to set it up in the vanity configuration which is new with this update. In other words: what Necroscourge said!