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  • @Darklokey - It sounds like you may be experiencing disconnects when transitioning from the game to the dashboard, or during the game itself. We have a thorough list of troubleshooting steps that should help resolve this for you here. If you try th…
  • @Treak - We received your ticket and sent you a reply with full details. In regards to this bug, our team is aware and has a fix in line for the next major update.
  • @nthorn - Thanks so much for passing along those screenshots. We have passed details along to the QA team so they can investigate this further. If you see anything else, let us know!
  • Hello @vandermore -  Looking at your account, it appears you received the appropriate chests for your rewards. So you're aware, if you win an Apprentice map with a new hero, you will receive an Apprentice Chest and not a Rift Lord Chest. Similar wi…
  • @PinkBuffalo22 - Great news, our team is aware of this and has a fix in line for the next major update. Thanks for pointing it out, and please don't hesitate to point out any other bugs you come across!
  • I've passed full details over to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks so much for reporting this, guys!
  • Thanks for taking the time to report this. I've passed your video along to the QA team so they can investigate this further.
  • @Bilib - Thanks for passing along your observations! We have added them to the ongoing investigation. I have also gone ahead and merged the threads for this bug.
  • Hello EffingWorms, Thanks for reporting these to us. You mentioned getting spawn camped? Do you have any screenshots of what you mean so we can pass details to the team?
  • Hello Kjuby, We'd be happy to take a closer look into this for you, but we will need a little more information. Since we cannot discuss account specifics publicly, please go ahead and send the following information to…
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  • @Ghareeb - Sorry for any confusion, but we need the full set of logs emailed to us via the steps here. Please make sure to include each of the files listed and your DxDiag as attachments - once we have those we can investigate further. @BeigeMidnig…
  • @empoleon666 - Looking at the video, it appears you have Stinkeye in your team. To clarify, the modifier will not affect his abilities or weaver so that's why you're seeing the mana drops.
  • @Treak - This can happen if the other team leaves the game or experiences a disconnect. If you are experiencing this frequently, please make sure to open a ticket with us at and let us know the time the game was play…
  • @empoleon666 - The next patch will see some significant change to Oziel per ShadeDev and will likely address any issues in the process. If you notice issue with Oziel afterwards however, please let us know.  In regards to your other report, are you…
  • Thanks @sashimiak! @Obechosc - I've passed details on this to QA so they can investigate further. Thanks so much for reporting it!
  • @BeigeMidnight - Thanks so much for the video. We'll include it with the ongoing investigation into the flying totem.
  • @Ghareeb - If you experience a crash or disconnect, the servers may think you're still logged in for up to thirty minutes. If you encounter this again, please send us your DxDiag and a full set of log files right as you're experiencing the login err…
  • @Axony @TimeMaster - If either of you encounter this again, please open a ticket with us and let us know the following details so we can locate the server logs on our end and check it out: - The time the game took place. - The map you were on. - Th…
  • @empoleon666 - Thanks for reporting that and including a screenshot. I'll pass it to the QA team for investigation. Also @CremoAcanthis - I full on laughed at that, good one!
  • @Axony - It looks like there may have not been enough gold at the time to play the cards. If you experience this again, let us know.