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  • Good stuff but was really hoping for new maps.
  • One piece of feedback I'd like to give is that arcane bubble blower is largely inferior to fire wall bracers and ring of storms. Ring of storms auto aims, and fire wall bracers can be placed so it hits every minion. Bubble blower has a delay and a …
  • I've used flame bracers before, good against unstable rifts or on characters without real ranged attacks. It's not super impressive though. Ring of last stand would be my vote. I want to like it, especially in some chaos trials, but it doesn't quit…
  • Something does seem up with the tar trap drops, like it's the wrong rarity or not dropping in rift lord chests or something
    in Tar trap Comment by lordbeef June 2017
  • It would be nice if the component slot of overload trap was a trigger slot instead. 
  • Reached tier 10 (rift lord so far) Fun modifers - most of them. What's great about chaos trials is that there's not always a best hero, and the randomness of the modifers can really make certain heroes shine or fail miserably. Same with traps - I'v…
  • The matchmaking is smarter now, but the actual matches aren't any better because a lot of people are playing chaos trials instead. 
  • Probably done to prevent abuse. I had a similar situation (power went out on last wave.) I didn't get a chest, and key lost a life. Teammates both got chests from the win. We were able to redo it, so my teammates got two chests from the same map and…
  • Was it mentioned somewhere that each tier gives the minions more damage and health? Seems like you'd want to mention that.
  • Not excusing the lack of in-game explanation, but armor is basically effective health %. 50 armor means 33.3% damage reduction, which works out to you needing to do 50% more damage. 
  • I like the new leap, but it feels a bit too floaty now. I wish it was just a bit faster.
  • lvl 91, also don't have push or tar traps maxed. Hmmm. Wonder if they're on the uncommon drop rate table or just or coincidence
  • Only real gripe I have with traps is that the trigger based traps are usually better than charge based traps. Minion density is so high that anything that's charge based quickly runs out. Brimstone is pretty good, but I will rarely pick it over floo…
  • It would affect the duration of viscous tar after the minion leaves its area, so that will have some impact.  I would guess Ivy will still be too good after the patch but we'll see how it plays out.
  • releasing 1-2 new traps in a patch no longer really makes sense, since it'll be really hard to get them levelled up for veteran players. they'll have to treat them like an expansion where they release a bunch at once, and do like a new type of trea…
  • Siphons make them a bit redundant, but I suspect they'll see some use in chaos trials. 
  • Bear Hugs, assuming it works as described, makes the minions near you take 8% more damage from all sources. This means your damage, your trap damage, and the damage and trap damage of your teammates.  Only potential downside is that it likely doesn…
  • I'll be a contrarian. I don't like endless very much. Endless just removes a lot of game mechanics. Xp siphons/potions become pointless, as you'll likely reach level 20 just fine without them. Money stops mattering after a while, and the trap limit…
  • They said there was no stream this week, which is why they did insider access and orcs after dark last week. That would put insider access on the 15th, with patch on the 20th. Assuming no delays of course, which is always a bold assumption in game d…
  • Agree with most of this. I do like the ranks though. Non-swifty bosses should be improved. They don't seem worth the cost. Either they need to have their health or abilities improved, or have them come with a posse. (or lower the cost, but that's n…