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  • you might whant to fill a ticket with robot they'll get your code working
  • @Archonaut , llike said, you can install AMD ReLive with the new drivers, so havng the possibilty to record without the gaming Evolve , seems to work just fine .. It also can record the desktop like shadow play
  • @EffingWorms, unable to bring the interface when the game has been launch. @TimeMaster , after a little bit of searching and testing, AMD Bundle ReLive with their new drivers you have the possibility to record, you have to select it when installing…
  • EffingWorms said: Xbox DVR works on Windows 10. I'm using it to record "Gameplay" Tried that one, Not able to get the overlay or start recording when in game, and if I start the recording when in the dashboard, it stops as soon as the ga…
  • Juicy said: If you have an NVidia graphics card, you can use Shadowplay. You can to start recording while on the dashboard if you want it to show up, as it registers as your desktop. If you start recording while in game, it will stop once the mat…
  • nope both efffect are applied... he just burn from the inside same thing if he's stuck in ice and get hit by a floor scorcher he do not thaw faster
  • @Winwin - Sure i'll tryy but pretty certain I won't be able to have until next week
  • Next time I'll play with Gab i'll record just in case. on Solo play since I first encounter that bug, I would say that I encountered it about 50% of the games. a pixel per second is about correct, the first time on throne room, I died (stupid arch…
  • @Gorkster, you'll have a new challenge, a lot of new achievements did appear on steam ,I think the list did double and a lot of specific heroes achievements
  • @Winwin The first time don't remember exactly when but it was on throne room the second time it did happen was on Crogon Keep RL on sunday the 12 March around 14h or 20h (eastern time) I taught that is was a fluke too, or that everytime yo get unc…
  • the only 2 triggers I find worthy of using are crowd control and kinetic.. I agree the others need a little boost, just a little would be fine
  • For my daily quest I got Kill Fire Fiend Warlock for 3 days straight now, so I've been playing Gates of Thuricvod for 3 days... and let me tell that is not my favorite level
  • Thank you, did'nt saw it last night I'll check there tonight 
  • Yup did encouter range problem with the pride Hunter on the academy sewers map on RL, was close to the guardian and they hit me from almost 2 flight of stairs up. Also none of the achievements are registering in steam
  • * Jailer Guardian: When placed at home, the Jailer has significantly increased damage, and his melee attacks have a chance to instantly execute enemies. While in combat, his Soul Shackle aura adds 20% lifesteal to allies' primary attacks. * Friar Gu…
  • well to be honest I'll agree to anything that will permit me to do something with thsoe excess cards Kind of annoying getting 4 flip trap in a RL chest
  • you can manually add an email in the refeer a friend section on the main page, but if the email have been used to create the account it won't let you already tried it
  • Cannot test it since I do not own Killer buzz or extra padding, but pretty sure they don't stack, you just reset the timer on kill, if they would be stacking the damage output and damge soaking of those traits would be a game ending choice
  • I'm not part of the founders, so I did not start with a ton of gold  ... That said I did invest in some gold to buy a few heroes faster, and did it because I really like the game and think the devs do deserve my money... But having parts selling f…
  • @timemaster18  nice idea an icon would be great, and on the suject a way to class the leaderbords by hero would be even better