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  • As a regular player. * The traps at the moment are near impossible to fully upgrade. With the current amount of chests you can get enough of commons, uncommons to upgrade them to full. The rare and epic are harder where you would get enough to upgr…
  • Must be the server since I have never experienced it until recently. Since the peak of players recently they may need a better designed system to handle requests. But if you just exit and retry it works, eventually.
  • At the moment I'm in a serious stalemate someones not pressed it but it's not reseting after a minute. So someone has to take the dive and get the leaver penalty and it's not going to be me.
  • If the current system is "Broken" then play with 3 level 90s. There is no need to use exploits to win. Also I'm guessing you came across one of these "teams". Which is why you're here. So let's discuss tactics to beat them. I've played a few times …
  • As the developers like to say they are trying to make sagotage similiar to mario kart perhaps this is how they are doing it.
  • The global chat could always split into multiple chats ever since I joined. But it only seems to happen at around 500 players. At which they create a new global chat, to avoid the chat being too quick. The reason why you never saw it before is becau…
  • It happened a few times on baths endless but I'll check it on rift lord.
  • It's fine if you have a well designed trap room since the moment they take damage they reveal. A few barricades to funnel them and a hero or several traps to find them. Except corridors which is harder to find them on since the four possible lanes. …
  • Timemaster probably lifted them from the game code. So fish around in there if you want to see the cool stuff. BUT: Bear in mind you can't talk about things in the code due to spoils and work in progress stuff.
  • All correct here except, you can buy rift lord chests at any level from the store. They changed it a few updates back. So if you want traps quickly. Buy the rift lord chests.
  • I think the gamemode is great for the seasoned farmer. Like: The whole randomness since I've not gotten surprised in survival for a while. So the quick paced changing atmosphere of battle tense, a lot of games are won and lost on small moments and …
  • They have answered (sort of) these questions before. 1) Since in a previous version of the game you could play 5 player coop it is possible. But they removed that saying that they were trying to balance the game. Also with 5 people your damage was l…
  • There is another useful button /r which replies to the previous private message. Aside from that you can't communicate with them that well. Due to having to type there name perfectly. Since I'm not the best at typing the other button becomes more us…
  • There's another on corridors in the middle lane on the right hand side of the gate. Melee heroes couldn't hit it but max could.
  • Nope
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  • Since they removed the performance test mode since they removed siege. You could just set up an easy map. Like a tutorial level or baths place a few traps around the guardian that would give you enough time to poke around. But they don't have a test…
  • So here's a run down. * Worms did not crash before this update. * It works fine playing on steam. * After it crashs this way it doesn't let him back into the game. * Since for convience I am using the same type of laptop as him. * Therefore since I…
  • Digger if you still want to know. Back then you needed to get to level 80. And also have a one time use key. But now it is for free whenever however.
  • Firstly I think the new gamemode is fun and frustating. 1. Battles don't really take ages. The easiest map baths does most of the time end in sudden death. Most matches take 15-20 minutes. 2. Boring, sure your opinion 3. Rewards few a far between j…