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  • What are you playing on? If pc you can get the crash files. Send them here:
  • The map is easy at the moment because of this tactic. It's probably the easiest map on rift lord chaos since the minions have to walk a mile from wave one and by wave 3 you have enough money to build the tactic. The only negative is when you get ex…
  • The code has now ran out. But in the latest insider access they said the guardian will be added to chests in a few patchs.
  • The drop rate is random. I don't think anyone knows the drops. The cost of keys can be found in game in the premium shoppe and the store. It's not on ps4 because they want to stagger releases. It should be in the game by september.
  • At one point it did have 5 player co op. But that was removed since it felt clunky with players dealing low damage and getting small amounts of money to work with. Then it was redesigned for 3 players with smaller maps being added. Adding this featu…
    in 4 player? Comment by DaTeddyBear July 22
  • Since it's during the weekend I doubt there will be any new news 'til monday.
  • Here's a few ideas: Mercs/bosses Living Tree: A large unmoving tree. It moves slowly shading other minions with branches it slowly heals minions around him. If hit with fire damage it slowly burns. While on fire the healing buff stops and it charge…
  • Must have ended sorry to hear that. Maybe it will come later. But many promo skins were limited releases so could be gone forever.
  • Check out this they did a quick fix should be sorted: Harmonia: "Hey guys, Thanks for letting us know! Our server team took care of the problem …
  • Here you go: You're going to have to sign up on razer
  • LunaSling said: I have the feeling they will just use the "easiest" method to solve this problem. Put more "holes" in the map so that the right lane can no longer link to the left side... One party will lose before the game collapses... very si…
  • If you want to follow this up I would recommend sending the logs over. Follow the steps here:
  • The quick cast is hold c then select an option. On ps4 no idea.
    in Map pings Comment by DaTeddyBear July 19
  • Looks like it's working intended. Rift Lord: Hero Chest: 4 stuff 100 skulls Rift Lord: 5 stuff Chaos Trials: 4 stuff 100*lvl skulls
  • There's nothing wrong they are just taking a while in some european countries. Harmonia said: Yes, absolutely! I can't make any date promises yet but will provide an update tomorrow and let everyone know when all European countries are inc…
  • The weekly challenge is a hard challenge it gives chests at the level you've unlocked. It can be hard some weeks but there's plenty of tutorials on youtube if you can't find the right tactic.
  • Hi, welcome to the community. Have fun.
  • Here's a few more ideas: Old Orcs: Long beards and walking sticks prevent them from moving too quickly -30% movement speed. Gummy Orcs: The minions are now gummy and tasty. Killing them has a 50% chance of making the ground around them sticky. Whic…
  • I think you either need to design maps around having flying minions. Or have them fly closer to the ground (about the height of a trolls head). So then most heroes can reach them but not dobbin.
  • Nope she's probably correctly balanced. Since she's been out in china for 6 months. Also just checked her primary damage is 8 and max's is 6 (At level 1). The video probably doesn't have the same account level.