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  • There will be always people acting like that. But if matchmaking is affected by Elo it will happen less and less the better your Elo gets. 
  • Feel free to not play it, but I don't think they will change it within the next few weeks. It's pushes their new game mode and I think that many people want to play it. Besides that, I feel like a chest is more worth than 50xp.
  • It really is a strange feeling of competition. Kind of survival with annoying debuffs. You only got response if any enemy dies or they are losing rift points. But tbh i don't like the idea of more information on the opponent team. You see their barr…
  • Nö, aber ich wollte jetzt auch mal nörgeln 
  • Wird schon wieder viel zuviel rumgeheult über den neuen Spielmodus xD
  • I think the quest encourages to play Sabotage in a proper way. Not to throw matches too early. That's important for the success of a new game mode. They shouldn't change it until the next big patch and only if the mode settled down satisfactorily.
  • I think they try some light balances for sabotage mode. Hogarth never was a kind of burst dps hero and always relied on CC and survivability. You may struggle with him solo, but a well adapted trap setup might help. Every hero got its own playstyle …
  • It's really interesting to see totally different tactics. We didn't force to get high score, we only tried to build an efficent killbox with floor, ceiling and wall traps and a bunch of barricades. I don't know if the new score system really support…
  • @Gorkster You got the proof that it is possible so why changing anything that obviously works?! Maybe it's possible to solo on another endless map like eventide fortress or crogon keep. And if it's really only doable with a group that's also ok. Omd…
  • Thread can be closed. Didn't occur a long time. 
  • Really well done. Very interesting video and totally different from our approach. Got two questions. - Which account level do you guys got in the video? - Did you aim maximum waves or maximum score? I guess I know the second one, but I was wondering…
  • nthorn said: we'll have to see how the scoring plays out but i suspect the entrance will be the only place people use for high scores. right now the only way to 5 star some maps is to literally kill things at the first tile from the entrance. 5…
  • Robot stellt einen Community Manager für einen Spam Channel ein. Irgendwie tut er mir ein bisschen leid
  • 2- Shop is released in the next patch. You gain gibblets for parts you have more than you are able to install. Parts with very few possible application will not be content of the chests. 3- Consumables are rly cheap. On EU Server you only got 5 no …
  • Always depends on the specific map. Arcane Damage increases even from different sources while fire damage got synergy with heat activated triggers and fire resonators.  Fire is good against runner especially little earth elemetals that ignore tar tr…
  • In 'Insider Access' some changes for next patch were told. One of them was the rework of score system and a reset of scores
  • Thank you We will play every map and try to write down all the minions and bosses. Snowflake is unfortunately one of the bosses that only appears on a single map on Master. 
  • Might be only few players. My Geared up is at 46% on my account
  • Thanks for the notes. Sometimes playing and writing at the same time doesn't work well @TimeMaster Master is our next target. Endless got lowest priority, because the guide focusses daily quest progress and preplanning strategies for newbies on rif…