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  • Grrr that damn kobald. 
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  • I was not able to beat this week on PS4 with cy. It seems like mana was not regenerating at the portal... Took 3 tries and I beat it with the angry bull guy. Fighting only at the rift was a mistake. I appreciated the fact that it was a 4 minute par…
  • I'm not sure about the number of players in multiplayer but I recall the first few rift Lord maps having a suggested level of 46. If you attempt with a lower level you have a multiplier stacked against you and you will get Rekt.  You will go back a…
  • Arrow wall is T5. Mace is T4.  I'm thinking that each trap has 2 textures and the primary for the grinder, the darker texture, may be missing. Perhaps I'm mistaken. 
  • I'm starting to feel the same way. It appears that it would at least be a gold trophy for being unattainable..... I'm sitting at 3% at account level 50. If you get 5% each month it would take 20 months to get a silver trophy.  I'm sure someone wil…
  • Edit to remove comment. Wrong game mode. My apologies.
  • Congrats..... If that's any consolation.
  • Pics via Twitter https://twitter.com/DaxtAttack/status/896374747306622977 https://twitter.com/DaxtAttack/status/896374661826662400
  • Don't worry, Mr. Spamwagon. People have lost significantly more in shorter periods of time than you and they were not even playing video games.  I plan on spending some money on the game because I'm enjoying it and I think, with the quantity of con…
  • Perhaps you misunderstand. The 200 million gold is in game that you would spend on traps. You may have to set traps for a year to acquire it but you are not required to buy anything. I can see how the weekly passes are important... I'll keep it up …
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