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  • He goes in a straight line to the rift (as much as possible, of course), so placing tar on his path should help... also, take all the slow/stun upgrades for your heros
  • It's not called gib store, it's called "premium shoppe" which is why you might have not found any threads about it =P And yes, it's in the next patch, in theory, so in about a month, or less if we're lucky
  • TimeMaster said: But using the repathing is a bit cheap :P  Don't agree with this at all... This map's always been this way, that's how it's programmed. Good job! I didn't think that spot was still viable for endless, but you made it wo…
  • Flips are the best trap to slot them in at first, because of their versatility. But you should be getting more of those parts, at some point.
  • Well it seems you have terrible timing... Remember to try again next tuesday when the server go back up, with even more people on the same server now, which is always good for MP games...
  • Unless you're playing with bionka and you kill everything like they're chew toys This map is actually easy once you know the right strategy But as for the actual topic, yeah, if you kill them too quickly the timing gets all broken every time.
  • Yeah the "empty pockets" one is just wrong... i'm still at 0%
  • I did some videos as well, but I'm also in the case of being too overleveled... so I just did them to show killbox ideas. When the game is released and there are no more changes to par-times and all that, I might do videos for maps within level rang…
  • Yes they sync on breaks. I noticed that playing with them the other day. Would be nice if they continued firing during breaks, like the bowling ball, so you don't lose the rythm you designed.