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  • We will be loosening up many par times in the next patch.
  • yobbobear said: On Insider Access, it was stated that in the patch following this one, Assists will count towards quest kill goals. So that means if a trap steals your kill you still get credit for it. Now you just have to wait for the next pat…
  • Liacu said: Harmonia said: We've got improvements coming in the next update, which we stated in this thread (and others) several times. Patch notes will be discussed on tomorrow's IA episode, so tune in! Could the developer team be …
  • Always a possibility! We have a lot of REALLY cool stuff being worked on.  I can't wait to share more in the future.
  • Our general philosophy is that we should teach the bare minimum to play the game.  Learning how to build an effective killbox is the challenge of the game and not something that we want to focus on teaching.  When you teach chess, you teach what e…
  • Collateral damage is intended to discourage players from fighting near barricades.
  • The Pillager said: I have two problems with archers: The first is that they tend to hit and damage barricades when at a different elevation than you (perhaps their AI could be modified so that they advance until they have a clear shot?), and th…
  • Yeah, they don't shoot through minions.  It used to be super frustrating when they did.
  • Removing things from the loot table would deplete content far too quickly, which would mean we would have to slow down trap distribution.  That affects a much greater percentage of the playerbase.
  • SeanPoe said: ShadeDev said: If you have trouble with surviving, warmage feels significantly harder.  If you don't, you won't notice the difficulty until master. Also worth noting that Warmage seems to be about learning how to deal…
  • Wynardtage said: ShadeDev said: The first attempt on Master maps has similar success rate to first attempts on Warmage maps. This refers to solo players or all games? Because i share Terry´s opinion. All AND solo. I thi…
  • The first attempt on Master maps has similar success rate to first attempts on Warmage maps.
  • There are still difficulty and par time outliers that we will address.  It takes a little while to get a balanced level lineup.
  • Statistically, the largest difficulty spike is from apprentice to warmage. If we were to remove account level restrictions, the game could be completed in an extremely short period of time.  Don't get me wrong, I wish we didn't have to account leve…
  • You are supposed to have 1 daily, 1 weekly, and 1 bi-weekly quest.  They all refresh daily, though.  Nonetheless, people want to complete them all each day, so it's frustrating for them. We basically agree that it wasn't a good idea, which is why …