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  • Re: Grinder vs Cursed Ground

    it's fair to say that, and some further tests i've done with help on rift lord baths, where enemies are tougher and more tightly grouped, have yielded slightly more damage (approx. 1,100 after totally exhausting two t7 cursed grounds, aided by t7 viscous tar and kinetic resonators). this still pales in comparison to t7 grinders with debilitating resonators: in the same circumstances, one such grinder deals more than 3,000 damage before being exhausted!

    given the numbers on the trap cards (and the information that cursed ground actually hits everything on top of it each time it fires, giving it a mechanical advantage), that doesn't add up at all.
  • Re: Brass Feedback

    the cannonball being free is a really important part of Brass' kit—since you so often don't have the time or hp to collect more scrap before dealing with enemies, having at least one damage option that isn't your primary attack that you can always use is necessary. the ability's damage and radius feel more or less perfect, so at this point i'd personally rather not see any changes to the base ability.

    as people have pointed out, it's only a t4 weaver that lets you spam the cannonball—capping the cooldown at a minimum of one second (as with ivy's penetrating arrow) would i think be the best solution, if it's really too strong. messing with the casting delay would make it much more awkward to weave cannonballs into the blunderbuss firing pattern, which you can currently do in a really satisfying way!
  • Re: Grinder vs Cursed Ground

    cursed ground really doesn't seem to be doing as well as it looks like it should, in general... the card says it has 20 charges, equal to the grinder's, but from my attempts at using it, it feels more like 5. the grinder can run for 5-7 seconds in the thick of a wave before jamming, but cursed ground goes out in about two.

    eta: it wasn't as rigorous as this, but i've done some tests on war mage eventide ramparts in the past. the arcane debuff is important and relevant, so i lined up three cursed grounds in a row in front of one of the doorways, where they performed all right—but three sets of floor spikes with double springs outshone them on all counts. if cursed ground is really working as intended, it needs a significant buff.
  • Re: Brass Feedback

    i'm loving Brass a lot so far—she's fun, powerful, and versatile—but i do agree with some of the criticisms in this thread! the turret's range does feel a bit short—most pertinently, it's short enough that the turret will sit there getting shot by archers standing in front of a trap line, even if it's at the very back. in typical rift lord or low chaos play, at least, this doesn't actually pose a threat to the turret or the game, it's just an annoyance that doesn't seem particularly easy to build around, especially when the turret already requires very specific trap layouts to be usable.

    also, this is only a minor issue, but the blunderbuss never seems to explode enemies, unlike most attacks that do massive damage? presumably this is to do with the pellet mechanic! there's also little to no indication of how many pellets you've managed to hit a target with. the damage numbers from the blunderbuss being separated out somehow would help—both those things would make hits with the blunderbuss even more satisfying than they already are.

    the stuff with her unchained cannonball cooldown is something i've noticed as well, and i feel like it's a bug, although it's also just tremendous fun and i don't mind it in the least. another possible bug i've noticed is that her turret actually drops more scrap on death than on being dispelled—a t3 turret will drop 80 scrap if it's killed by enemies, but only 60 on a manual dispel, which i'm pretty sure is the opposite of what was said in the pre-release insider stream.