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  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    It felt more like they weren't sure what they wanted Siege to be.

    If you compare Alpha and Closed Beta Siege you will see some mayor differences (like Elements affecting different heroes, all traps can dmg heroes, no barricades).
    I really loved the Alpha Siege and that's the Gameplay that brought me to OMD (never heard of OMD1 or 2 before).

    But Siege changed so much within 1 year that it really felt like they are not sure what it should be and they only made it to jump on the Moba Hype (i think Smite released around the same time).

    Just put the old Alpha Siege on a different Server with the old heroes (the data must be somewhere on your server) and let people play with it, even if it's just in Custom Game Lobbys (and yes they still exist, they are just not open for the playerbase)
  • Re: Minion idea 2.0

    Swifty is a Satyr!
  • Re: Get your priorities straight, WE NEED A REPLAY MATCH FEATURE FOR SABOTAGE

    Most poeple don't like Sabotage because they have no idea that this gamemode is about delaying minions and not killing them fast.
    Spike Spam might work on low level Sabotage maps but not vs high rank people.
    I watched a few PS4 people on twitch and their killboxes were... weird. And most of them said that they never had a Sudden Death while on PC 80% of my games are Sudden Death (and i can see it in the Loading screen if it's going to be Sudden Death).

    but back to topic: would be awesome to see a replay of the winning round but it seems that the tactical screen is all we get until sabotage gets more popular (dunno how they will make it more popular).

    Please don't just add more skulls to Sabotage that I only have to play against/with low level people who never played this mode.
  • Re: Sabotage - Comeback mechanics!

    i agree to most of your statements but bosses wave 1 can happen (i had it many times and he scored in 8/10 situations).

    Sudden Death is a nice idea but some maps (throne room, banquett hall, Ocri-La) are always endless... it's not sudden if you can hold it for 10 more minutes.

    Training grounds sudden death works now? normally the map crashes 30sec after sudden death starts.

    Ivy is a big problem in Sabotage with her awesome stalling and safe positioning but if you nerf her due to this factor most people will be annoyed because this nerf hits harder in Survival (no stalling needed)

    I would love to see more (harder) Sabotage maps where you can't build 1 killbox and get every lane into it.
    I'm still waiting for Sabotage Eventide Fortress even if this is a 1 killbox map.
    Good maps for Sabotage could be: Unchained Fortress, Cliffside Clash (for the Siege feeling) or Crogon Keep and Shark Island (for harder challenges)

    To counter the endless Sabotage it would be nice to make Sudden Death like Gates of Thuricvod: Tons of Urzas and Fire Elementals.

    In my personal opinion I would put a timer in Sudden Death and if 5 Minutes pass and no1 lost it's a draw.

  • Re: Constant garbage from chests

    Power Generator is the most powerful trap in Sabotage to get an early strong killbox.
    Everyone uses it.

    Mana well is situational, i only ever used it on endless with Bloodspike.