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  • Re: blacklist players ps4

    Was playing last night.  Rift Lord matchmade.  Got a lobby for The Baths and teammate Ivy runs to the spawn door and spams the entire floor area with floor spikes so that no one else can put any traps down.  I asked him to sell a couple of them (so I could put down some tar, which I showed on the floor behind the guardian area).  He refused.  I left the game before wave 1 started.

    I start a new matchmade game and and was selecting my loadout when I get the "failure - game over" screen from the game I quit.  That forced me out of the new match I had just started.  OK.  I queue up again.

    I get a new lobby and "Ivy" is in this lobby (Throne Room map this time).  Oh boy.  "Ivy" is now Temper.  I pick Smolder and purposely go to the back of the map to place the Priest guardian and give Temper time to do whatever he wants at the spawn door.  Surprisingly, Temper doesn't put a single trap down at the spawn door.  I put up some barricades and few traps.  Game starts.  Temper proceeds to litter the map with floor spikes and arrow walls anywhere he can as soon as he can.  Wave 3 and we are approaching trap limit.  Not sure how he placed so many of these traps so quickly, but whatever.  It's clear he's not a team player.  I watch as he proceeds to start replacing some floor spikes with brimstone after we've reached trap limit.  Looks like Temper is just trying to monopolize the trap cap to spend as much coin as possible.  Thanks a lot 200,000,000 achievement/trophy.  So, I stop actively playing. No way I'm interested in helping this selfish doofus.  A short while later, Temper stops playing too and spends the rest of the match jumping in circles around me.

    Would I like a way to put Ivy/Temper on a block list so I don't have to play with him/her again?  Hell yes.
  • The most OP trap in the game

    IMO, barricade.

    So many times I play a PUG match where teammates don't even equip a barricade.  Arrrghhh!