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  • Feedback on update 2.6 custom games

    I really appreciate the addition of the custom games added in the new update.  Some thoughts/comments/questions:

    Custom games/Sabotage - The description says these games offer no rewards and don't count towards quest progress.  Testing shows that playing a game here means you use/burn any consumable cards you play and don't get any cards at the end of the match.  This is very, very bad IMO.  There will be little incentive for anyone to play custom sabotage games unless they are just trying to burn off consumable cards they don't want in their inventory (an issue that wouldn't be a problem if Narkh's suggestion were implemented).  If Narkh's suggestion isn't going to happen, I think cards used in custom sabotage matches should be returned to players when the match ends.  That would allow players to play freely without worrying about burning through their good cards.  Also, the description for the custom sabotage matches isn't clear - do these games affect Sabotage rank?  I would hope not as it would surely be abused/exploited if so, but the description doesn't say either way.  It would also be nice if folks could see everyone's current Sabotage ranks when joining the session and picking teams.

    Custom games/Chaos Key - I jumped into a Rift Lord Chaos Key session that another player had created to help him (or her) out.  Another player joined shortly after I did.  Host accepts us and starts the match.  At hero/trap selection, I see the host has red and blue traps.  OK, no problem - I joined to help out, I can carry him (or her).  Then I look at the 3rd player and there are only gray traps.  Not only that, but this player doesn't even have every trap slot filled.  I can only assume it's a completely brand new player that doesn't even have a full complement of traps unlocked yet.  Oh boy.  Game begins and 3rd player is, as expected, completely worthless/clueless and dies 12 times while not doing much of anything to help.  So, it appears as if players that haven't unlocked Rift Lord Survival can jump into Rift Lord custom matches.  This wouldn't be an issue if the host of a custom match had more info to evaluate the players that jump into a session, but as it stands, it's very risky to host a chaos key and risk uber noobs joining and not being strong enough to survive.  Either provide hosts with info on the account level of peeps joining a session, or enforce level permissions so folks who haven't unlocked a difficulty level in Survival can't play those levels in custom games.

    Auras from Duplicate Guardians - I tried the Ironsides challenge again last night and with the new guardian system, I could place two Cook guardians on The Baths near the rift and get a double aura boost to HP.  Unfortunately, the double HP boost immediately disappeared as soon as I moved close to the edge of the map to jump into the acid.  The aura boost is supposed to last for 45 seconds, but the second aura boost (or is it the first one?) is ending before it should.

    Custom Games/GUI - It would be nice if there were a customizable filter available to show/display available sessions by difficulty level.  I'm not really interested in Apprentice or War Mage level games so I'd like to filter them from the list so I can more easily find matches that I might be interested to join.

  • Re: If you want to be high rank in sabotage and get there fast, you may feel the need to play dirty

    damfino said:
    Better yet, get rid of ranks entirely. Make it so everyone goes back to simply playing for fun and not having to cheat or suffer for what's in the end just a badge made of pixels. How many players reach diamond, then stop playing?

    damfino said:
    ... But the way sabotage ranking operates makes it clear with some people who reached diamond just stopped playing it altogether

    No, do not get rid of ranks.  The game would surely die much faster.  The issue with the leaderboard (at least pre-update, remains to be seen how it works now) is twofold.  First, as mentioned above, lots of people were exploiting the "quit if you are losing" mechanic to prevent rank loss.  They achieved high rank by "never losing" and can't risk playing the game now that their crutch is gone.

    Second, queue times for playing Sabotage get fairly ridiculous when you achieve higher ranks. Some of my PS4 Sabotage friends have played with the guys who are at the very top of the PS4 leaderboard.  As a 3 stack of diamond players, they waited in queue for over 40 minutes.  Waiting 20+ minutes to play for roughly 1 minute isn't very rewarding use of leisure time, so yeah, I don't blame folks for moving on to other games when queue times are so unreasonable.

    However, I proposed a solution of sorts to the leaderboard issue.  If you like the suggestion, please consider agreeing or voting up the post:

  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    Thanks Abnoy, I had forgotten about the Cook.  I tried again with the Cook and managed to get just over 900K damage in the 40 minutes available.  So close...
  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    * bump *

    Yeah, so this is an old thread and peeps here say they got it in 75-100 minutes of play (on PC).  Well, you peeps don't know what a real challenge is!  On the PS4 currently, Endless mode is time capped at 40 minutes and that timer starts when you spawn in (not when you start the game clock) and doesn't stop if you pause the game.

    So, I tried a few times to complete this achievement on the PS4 and I do not believe that it is currently possible.  I did manage to get 725,000 damage in the 40 minute time limit.  To do that, I exploited a "trick" that wasn't mentioned here.  Did you know that if you suicide, your health bar at the time of death gets counted towards your damage total?  Well, I managed to take 208 acid baths in one game - averaging one every 20 seconds or so across the 40 minutes of play and it wasn't enough.  And I don't think it's really possible to suicide any faster.

    FWIW, I'm pretty sure I would have had it with another 20-30 minutes.
  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    I experimented a bit with Throne Room Endless mode and came up with a trap set up that was extremely effective at dealing with the fire elementals:

    Top spawn door - barricade to force minions to use path near wall.  Place push traps at diagonals of octagonal island.  Place tar at beginning of path by the wall (immediately after shield guardian).  Place 2 spike wall traps on wall.  If you have them with kinetic reclaimers, put push traps on octagonal island to push them into the spike walls.

    Bottom spawn door - Push traps with kinetic reclaimers on opposite walls at the spawn door.  One row of tar and then two rows of flip traps or floor scorchers to flip minions back into the spawn door (never flip towards the rift).  Swinging maces on the roof help push things into the push traps.

    This works really well whether you are setting up a kill box by the kitchen or by the priest/friar guardians.  $.02