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  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    I experimented a bit with Throne Room Endless mode and came up with a trap set up that was extremely effective at dealing with the fire elementals:

    Top spawn door - barricade to force minions to use path near wall.  Place push traps at diagonals of octagonal island.  Place tar at beginning of path by the wall (immediately after shield guardian).  Place 2 spike wall traps on wall.  If you have them with kinetic reclaimers, put push traps on octagonal island to push them into the spike walls.

    Bottom spawn door - Push traps with kinetic reclaimers on opposite walls at the spawn door.  One row of tar and then two rows of flip traps or floor scorchers to flip minions back into the spawn door (never flip towards the rift).  Swinging maces on the roof help push things into the push traps.

    This works really well whether you are setting up a kill box by the kitchen or by the priest/friar guardians.  $.02
  • Re: PS4- how to invite friends in your game?

    When you are at the home screen, you can move a finger across the controller's touchpad (don't click it, just swipe across it) and a cursor will appear on the screen.  Move the cursor to one of the [+] boxes near your username at the top right corner of the screen and then click on it (I think the X button).  The game will then guide you through creating a party chat.

    Alternatively, you can just create a party chat and invite your friends to the party chat.  If they have OMDU loaded, they are automagically grouped with you (you will see an icon indicating them in that top right corner in place of the [+] box).