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  • Re: If you want to be high rank in sabotage and get there fast, you may feel the need to play dirty

    Guild mates and I queued up for sabotage last night as a 3 stack.  We waited... and waited... and waited... The "Avg. Time" is such a troll.  I should have taken a screen shot.  I kid you not... avg time = 3 minutes.  Current time = 31 minutes.  We quit waiting.  Not worth it to wait so long for a game.  This is a real problem.
  • Door failed to open in Restricted Section; Minions died of boredom

    Title: Minions spawned, but were unable to break through door and eventually wave ended when they died of boredom
    USA, PS4
    Restricted Section
    Reproduction Steps:

    Unknown.  See description.

    Reproduction Rate:
    Unknown - happened once so far (yesterday; post-update)

    Played Sabotage 3v3.  On wave 6, the door at the bottom of the mini-map was supposed to open.  Minions spawned behind the door (could see on mini-map), but never broke the door and entered the playable area. This happened both on our side and on our opponent's side.  We cleared the wave of the minions that spawned at the other doors and had to wait a few minutes before the minions stuck behind the invincible door died of boredom.  The same issue repeated on waves 7 and 8, except on wave 7, the invincible door broke on our opponents side (but not our side).  The game lasted over 33 minutesIt was excruciating.

    Expected Results:
    Minons spawn, doors break, minions enter field of play

  • Re: Ways to Reduce Que Time

    Thanks Jack.  Cheers.
  • Re: Ways to Reduce Que Time

    I really enjoy sabotage and the long queue times are a real pain.  With respect to the 5 points listed above:

    #1 - Yes, please! If the concern for not doing this is the potential for poor internet connectivity/lag to make for a poor game experience, then please give us players a choice!  How about an option that lets us choose to either queue on our "home" server, or across all available servers?  FWIW, I (USA) frequently play while grouped with a friend in Italy and South America.  Not sure what server we play on, but lag is manageable 99% of the time.

    #2 - I would love to be able to solo queue with randoms for games that don't affect my leaderboard rank.  As it stands, there aren't enough people playing at my rank for me to be queued up with veteran players.  When I solo queue, I always get players with gray and red traps and they invariably don't know how to anticipate or react to bomb spells or much of anything else for that matter.  Some things I can compensate for, but some issues are just insurmountable.  If there were an option to play unranked, I'd play solo queue and try to help new players.

    #3 - No opinion.  I learned the game by just playing it and grouping up and playing with others.  This really isn't an impediment to playing the mode in my experience (or among my friends).

    #4 - What if there were a compromise option where allies could request to sell a trap and the trap owner would get a prompt and ether agree or disagree?

    #5 - While it would be beneficial for new players, I don't think this impacts queue time.


    Not mentioned here, but what I strongly recommend to ROBOT is to rethink the sabotage leaderboard.  Instead of a static leaderboard like we have now (that exists and never changes/resets), OMDU should have "seasons" where the leaderboard resets periodically (every 3-6 months or something).  It's crazy that the current leaderboard system rewarded people who exploited the "quit if you are losing" mechanic and now that that has been patched, the leaderboard wasn't reset and most of those players no longer play because they don't want to lose rank.  Maybe offer some vanity items (titles, backgrounds) to players or guilds that rank high at the end of a season (or that played the most matches). 
  • Re: Water Gardens Master 10minutes????

    We 5 starred this map with 3 players all account level 100.  We killed everything at the spawn doors and immediately readied up at go breaks.  The par time window is exceedingly tight.  We got par time by just a few seconds.