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    Kicked - I've seen your posts in the forums for a while now.  You seem like a very angry person.  OMDU is not a perfect game, but it's pretty fun.  There are only two really big flaws with it from my perspective and one of those is just a personal pet peeve:

    - blue screen of death when playing endless mode (ending games and losing all rewards)
    - Trophy for spending 200MM coin requiring people (real people with real lives outside of OMDU) to play for years if they want the platinum trophy

    Your "misc. issues" are laughable.  You bring the first one on yourself.  The rest don't ring true for me.  It's too bad you haven't been able to enjoy the game as much as I have.

    As to your "bugs", there are occasional glitches while playing, but none are consistent enough to ruin the game experience.  I've had the "early leavers" penalty a few times because the game disconnected me after a match ended and it was mildly annoying, but it hasn't happened in a long time so it appears as if Robot did fix that.  The only really game breaking "bug" in the game is the blue screen of death issue IMO.

  • Re: Is it me or Bloodspike is just plain AWFUL???

    Sheepun said:
    Thanks for the replies. The guide really helped me. Although i still struggle a lot against high health targets, especially mercenaries and boss. Any tips?
    Big game hunting traps
  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    Push traps plus kinetic reclamers on each /opposite sides of a hallway/box are awesome.  They can even stack multiple levels for hilarious effect.
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    Human Image wouldn't be so bad if he didn't glitch out so much.  Just played a game where the real image was stuck deep inside a wall at the spawn door and could not be killed. His copies harassed us for 5 waves or so until game end.  Very annoying.