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  • Re: Option for deleting unwanted Chaos Trial keys. selling it for a lower price of gold than it costed to buy (like 10% of the actual price) making it a bit more valuable to just throwing it away, if not possible by gold, maybe gibs instead!
  • Re: Does two deb. resonators coming from a (single) boom barrel stack?

    the description of the debilitation resonator says that the debuff does not stack with other debilitation resonators, not that it doesn't stack with other traps equipped with debilitation resonators

    so i don't think the debuff would stack since they are 2 separate (yet same) resonators on the same trap.
  • Re: My problem with Temper's exploding hammer, my suggestions to improve the ability

    Brasegapok said:

    the quest with temper requires to kill too many minions with exploding hammer! 50 is a lot! 30 would be better in my opinion, so i usually skip that frustrating quest. 

    the quest could also be changed to "hit 50 ennemies with exploding hammer" instead of killing 50 ennemies with explosive hammer like Yi-Lin's quest asking her to hit 50 ennemies with her tempest Strike ability. hitting the ennemies with exploding hammer is a lot more easier than making it their final blow
  • Re: MOAR Fire Maps!

    How about a map inside a volcano?!
    I would love the idea to play on a map that has a really unstable ground, from time to time, the lava gets higher to cover some places and gates of the map, and make the heroes a hard time to walk around as effectively anymore, you'll probably need to add some voice lines that announces the rise of the lava so the players can run to safety before it kills them instantly, the traps placed won't get damaged by the lava.
    there could be trapdoors around the map that can be triggered to make the ennemies (or players *;..;*) fall to the lava below it.

    A perfect map for a new challenge level on omdu if thery ever add one! (if you don't know what i'm talking about, here's my question about it: )


    I like the sand minions idea, though the poison for the scorpion seems kinda complicated since you're forced to pair the scorpion with the mage, since big scorpions usually don't have poison, i suggest you to change it to little scorpions and heavy poison damage (which means they take a lot of damage over time) that does not have an unlimited duration, while the giant scorpions would deal massive damage, the way they would attack would be that they dash violently towards you, needle ready to strike, like real scorpions. we could have sand elementals that could reform if the smaller versions aren't completely eliminated/separated.

    the sand minions could also jam the traps much more quickly, since sand particles on mechanical things usually don't pair really well.

    for the boss minion we never had a synergy with other minions before besides healing the damaged ones and resurect them, looks pretty cool, but the fact he needs to walk on them seems pretty sad, i suggest he stops a second, like bulgod, to summon all the dead mummies on a big radius.