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  • More options for vanity chests hero skin/dye aquisition: pick one

    Dear developpers,

    Buying vanity chests always makes me disappointed when i don't get the hero i want, it's too random to be enjoyable, so here's an idea that could make the odds to obtain a specific hero skin/dye more frequently:

    If you are familliar to another game called hearthstone, there's a mechanic in that game called discover: it allows to select between 3 cards the one that you want. 

    If the vanity chest contains only 2 hero skins/dyes, it shows 2 instead , when 1 or 0 element is left, you obtain directly what it contains.

    if it makes it too easy to obtain the skin the player desires, maybe instead of 3 elements you could select only between 2 elements.

    Overall it would make a great change to the game to allow the player to have a little bit more freedom on the heroic skin/dye he obtains.

    Thanks for this awesome game! i'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!
  • Re: Offers for consumables (for Sabotage like traps)

    You mean buying consumable chests with gibs? Cause right now you need to Use gold to buy a consumable chest.

    or else you talk about the daily deals, which i think would add those consumables as well to buy, they could create 2 buttons which says « buy traps » and « buy consumables »

    honestly if they add consumables on the daily deals, i would love to see trap parts as well, in order to find much more quickly the rarest parts like springs parts
  • How about multiple rifts on maps?

    Dear developpers,
    I remember on the previous game (OMD 2) that the player(s) needed to defend 2 rifts/entrances at the same time, why haven't there been any map that included multiple rifts to defend at the same time on OMDU?
    It could be a new and refreshing way to play this game, needing the player to strategize even further in order to win, and also a way to bring back some old maps into the new game! Like "the crossing","precipice", "twisted halls", "stairs of doom" etc...

    Thanks you for developping this awesome game! I'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!
  • Weekly challenge idea: the floor is lava!

    Hello fellow orcs slayers!

    So here i got in mind a pretty cool idea for a new weekly challenge to do: "The floor is lava!"
    the rift room is the only place where the ground isn't lethal, passed that place all floor is "lava" which means that if a hero touches the ground he dies instantly.

    There are pre-placed barricades around the map to jump on, heroes will need to defend the rift by jumping from platform to platform and make sure that the minions won't destroy their only way to travel through the map since the heroes won't be able to place themselves any barricade, this way we could even have sapers that will attempt to reduce the ammount of platforms for the heroes to jump on!

    For more difficulty we could make sure that the only heroes available for this challenge are melee heroes with little ammount of ranged abilities:
    • Dobbin
    • Midnight
    • Blackpaw
    • Hogarth
    • Temper
    • Yi-Lin
    • Tundra
    • Bloodspike
    Personnally i would choose Bloodspike, Dobbin and Temper/Blackpaw/Midnight

    There can also be other platforms than barricades, like the ramparts around the borders of a map, bookshelves and other furnitures.

    Ideal Maps that comes into my mind for this challenge to work are:
    • Archmage Library (prologue map), has some small platforms to walk on
    • restricted section (upstairs and downstairs gates closed)
    • Temple graveyard (with a closed gate), has some small platforms to walk on
    • Storm drain
    • Docks at eventide
    • Banquet hall (with the upstairs gate closed), that map would actually be amazing to do since there are lots of platforms and natural obstacles that restricts ennemy movement.
    • training ground (with only the 3rd gate opened which is upstairs).
    • Water garden, since we didn't get a weekly challenge on that map yet and that the map is fairly flat and has some platforms makes a good use of the water rivers as well for limitations of trap placement.

    Maybe for less difficulty, the barricades will have persistant rubble when destroyed and at the end of the wave, all barricades are repaired, including the destroyed barricades. In order to make it work, the barricades needs to be really weak: a single saper should be able to destroy a barricade.

    Again, for less difficulty, do not add runner types of minions (except sapers), it would be a nightmare to deal with otherwise, 
    maybe remove the spawn of mercenaries as well, otherwise if you fall into the bouncer bear, you are in a really delicate situation to deal with. 

    Overall, it makes defending the rift much more challenging and fun at the same time.

  • Re: Community traps ideas suggestion thread!

    Here's a good one! a 0.5 width 1 height wall trap "speakers", when triggered, the speakers will randomly start playing one song between 3 different songs:
    1. One of  Bionka's songs (back when Siege was a thing), Mezmerising enemies that hears the song 
    2. One of the "Rooster teeth" rock band songs (featuring Maximillian and Hogarth (look at their amazing skins)) dealing damage over time to ennemies that hears the song (bleeding ears)
    3. Blackpaw's howls (literally a call to the beyond from blackpaw's skills), that summons 2 undead gnolls, fighting with the heroes
    the trap cannot be re-activated by using the gnomish repair kit or gabriella's kinetic pulse skill.
    Upgrading it would upgrade all the different effects ofthe trap (more duration to the mezmerise effect, more damage over time, tankier gnolls etc...)
    feel free to add more if you have other ideas, i find it quite funny to have a trap that could have multiple effects that can show up randomly. I would definetly play such a trap.