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  • Loadout automatic save

    I know it has already been said, but cannot find the post. so I'll put it here

    Would really like to be able to not save the change on my loadout when in the hero selection screen, like the old checkbox or even has a game option.

    Because 98% of the time the change is for that game or map, the next one I would rather have my old loadout
  • Re: Release 1.8 - Patch Notes

    • Jailer Guardian: When placed at home, the Jailer has significantly increased damage, and his melee attacks have a chance to instantly execute enemies. While in combat, his Soul Shackle aura adds 20% lifesteal to allies' primary attacks.
    • Friar Guardian: When placed at home, his primary attacks deal arcane damage. His area attacks mesmerize enemies, and while in combat, his Wiftmaker's Bwessing (no, that's not a typo) aura grants bonus arcane damage to allies' primary attacks.
    is it just me or are those new guardians ?
  • Re: Deals

    I'm not part of the founders, so I did not start with a ton of gold  ;)...

    That said I did invest in some gold to buy a few heroes faster, and did it because I really like the game and think the devs do deserve my money...

    But having parts selling for gold in the deals section would definitly have me reinvest in the game, faster  
  • Re: Deals

    Parts and random special could be bought with gold, I'd be ready to pay gold for those pieces (especially those i'm missing), and it could be a good way to capitalize on the Free to play model
  • Leaderboards Hero

    that would be in the nice to have category.

    I would like to be able to see wich heroe was use when I look at the leaderboard entries.