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  • Re: Make Traits More Noticeable

    I too think the entire traits section needs a full overhaul.

    Some traits seem boring and uninteresting for a new player they get a new trait and say "-25% hero respawn cost sounds useless" instead imagine if it was 75%. Close to being amazing but sure sounds great. Or making never pays retail into gain a hero level after respawning by paying.

    Or just combine traits like rift gift (Gain full health and mana after the destroy a rift) and rift rocket (+50% movement speed for 5 seconds after destroying a rift). This now looks like an attractive trait for keys with more rifts.

    Natural Born Sprinter: (+50% movement speed when unchained) Is boring no one picks it. (Aside from combo masters). Instead make it when you kill a minion it has a chance to drop a speed boost +50% movement speed for 5 seconds. That sounds so much cooler.

    Brother Mauled By Grizzlies: (+12% damage to grizzlies) Instead add to it every bear you kill reduces the cooldown of your moves by 2 seconds.

    Each trait needs to change the way you play.
  • Re: Boulder Chute & Icicle Traps Feedback

    I would disagree with the points put forward. So I'll talk about my point of view.

    The way I've been trying to use them is for the starting waves. Since on harder maps or with runners. Some might get through so when my cooldowns are on I can easily trigger them. It will kill most the minions. I normally put them in a 2x2 and use them like rolling boulders (just in case). The only limits is that they take up a space in your loadout. But there's always a trap you don't use much so four free traps at the start is probably better.

    If the ceilings are nice then any hero can trigger them. But this is only on about half.

    I would agree with your endless one since it gets steadily harder. But for chaos trials it starts hard so they are useful since they are free.
  • Re: Brass Feedback

    Lemartes said:
    To those complaining about Brass/Unchained - is this your first time playing the game ?

    Try Blackpaw - you get non stop go for the throat (Which heals you)

    or Smoulder - non stop incinerate - you dont even have to aim.

    or Dobbin - non stop dynamite - which gets you a ton of money.

    All heroes are very strong when unchained and will defeat a wave easily.
    All require mana which does get restored when you go unchained but can't be used all the time. But with Brass it requires nothing.

    My suggestion would be half her time unchained. So the feeling behind killing everything is still there but she is not that op.
  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Don’t argue against something until you know the entire facts about it.
    Well I've sometimes wondered this about @TimeMaster and I did come to the conclusion that he doesn't know "everything". Just everything from the last 3 years of patchs and everything available on the wiki.
  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    I prefer more impossible achievements since I don't want to run out of milestones. After 5 staring every map then getting most of the chests I want some target to struggle to get. Rather than getting everything I want to look at my achievements and see several slowly improving milestones. Sagotage will hopefully improve this having to rival other people rather than comparing player level (which only goes so far).