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  • Re: Minion reskin ideas

    Here's a few more ideas:

    Old Orcs: Long beards and walking sticks prevent them from moving too quickly -30% movement speed.
    Gummy Orcs: The minions are now gummy and tasty. Killing them has a 50% chance of making the ground around them sticky. Which makes heroes slowed by 50% while they are in it. The goey mess stays for 10 seconds. Instead of gummy it could always be poopy leaving a sticky mess when the walk.
    Stone Orc: Similiar to the earth elementals but a cool reskin orc immune to CC.
    Fat Orc: The light minions are now heavy just imagine fat kobolds.
    Water Mages: Instead of throwing fire balls they now squirt water knocking you back when hit.
    Lightening Mages: Instead of fire lightening. Which travels faster than fire dealing half damage. But if it hits you it overloads traps near you triggering them.
    Mummy Orcs: Covered in bandages. Orcs slow heroes when they attack. Also they have a chance to slip up on a bandage knocking the minion to the ground for a moment.
    Angry Bears: When a angry bear is killed all other bears then try to aggro the nearest hero. Getting bonus movement speed for the time chasing the hero.
    Cyclops archer: Simliar to the orc version but fires twice as quick but half the shots are fired randomly.
    Spooky Ghost: Just an orc with a sheet over it. Does not attack. Makes spooky noises.
  • Re: Praise for the additional hero voice lines and few ideas.

    The voice lines are great but a problem line I heard yesterday.
    Oziel can say "I will reap you". It sounds a bit weird after playing late at night. You may want to change it.
  • Re: Why is Oziel is useless?

    I would disagree.

    He is rather good. I build jar, jar, double souls and haunted souls (The ones that explode).

    I would suggest using pot everytime it comes up. Then slowly back up firing make sure you hit every minion so you can collect all the souls. Then when a large minion comes or whenever right click comes up use it. When you get to level 4 the jar will deal damage that will kill most small minions. Everything else kill with auto and right click. The haunted spirits is really useful using it will then bring your damage high enough to kill everything with right click. Also if you get the level 4 jar weaver using it during spirits it will deal lots of damage to everything.

    If you ever run out of mana use tab.

    The only negatives is that at the start of matches he can be weak. But as the souls build up he gets more mana and damage. He's not good at solo play but just try to damage all the minions of a wave to get the most souls possible.
  • Re: About the "Overprotective" trait; does it even work?

    The only problem is that I wouldn't test it on endless. Since the minions increase the damage they deal every wave. In later waves barricades all die in one hit anyway.
  • Re: Best Heroes as of Right Now

    For solo play people have used midnight to get 5 star. Her damage and speed help get the par time. You could also use heroes like blackpaw and zoey to get it.

    For teams in sabotage Ivy is a regular pick (I think she's the most boring to play though) her knockback is a game winner. Dobbin is a good team player putting up tunnels to help get to different lanes and gaining money for the team. Tundra is a great option he can slow down the wave enough for everything to pick them apart.

    Overall winners bionka for taking one lane, midnight for every other lane and zoey for overall fun factor.

    All the heroes are fun to play for me except Ivy and bionka feels a bit slow sometimes.