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  • Re: Sabotage? Nope.

    If the current system is "Broken" then play with 3 level 90s. There is no need to use exploits to win.

    Also I'm guessing you came across one of these "teams". Which is why you're here.
    So let's discuss tactics to beat them. I've played a few times against such tactics so I'll share my winning tactic.

    Teamwork and luck mainly. On corridors it's easier to win draw their resources thin. Since they are probably using Bionka and no speed pads. The amount of lanes and heavy minions should force their hand. Obviously use cards in horrible combos.
    Another tactic to win is to pick knockback heroes to beat them at their game. Temper, Bionka and Ivy. All of those should last longer than two buffed heroes and one noob afk/dying in sudden death.

    But please don't join the sour unskilled players on the top. I know the matchmaking isn't perfect but it is work in progress.
  • Re: Is Global Chat now broken up into multiple different channels?

    The global chat could always split into multiple chats ever since I joined. But it only seems to happen at around 500 players. At which they create a new global chat, to avoid the chat being too quick.
    The reason why you never saw it before is because the player base was very small. So the automatic system didn't kick in.
  • Merc's unable to spawn on some maps

    On Baths and Crogon Keep the merc gets spawned off the map. So dies instantly.

    On Baths they tried to spawn a few times but they die early except if they spawn multiple in which case only the first die.
    On Crogon Keep they tried to spawn on the top left side (ship one). The merc died before coming out. Similiar to a previous bug which was fixed where the enemy heroes used to die in the same lane.
  • Re: Game crashes during match and then you can't reconnect.

    So here's a run down.
    1. Worms did not crash before this update.
    2. It works fine playing on steam.
    3. After it crashs this way it doesn't let him back into the game.
    4. Since for convience I am using the same type of laptop as him.
    5. Therefore since I do not crash, it must be his programs.
    6. It's probably windows 10 since I do not have it.
    7. We played this weekly challenge back in december and there was no problems
    In conclusion something changed last update (but not on steam) which created this problem. It's most likely to do with loading in minions since it happens when it loads a new one. Also it effects windows 10.
  • Re: Please help me for account migration

    I've got it now.