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  • Re: Decoy Trap Needs an Update

    vrmlbasic said:
    There should be some sort of explosion or damage or something when the trap breaks.
    It was an option when max had it as his unique trap. He had a weaver to make it explode. But I didn't pick it then and was removed later on for something better.

    Also I think another great suggestion (adding on to the other ones). Would be making it a 0.5x0.5 but it respawns after it gets destroyed. Similiar to the summoner trap but it doesn't attack anyone.
  • Re: Vanity Avatars 2: the Electric Bugaloo

    There is other avatars in the premium shoppe but they have removed quite a lot of free ones from the website.
    I was disappointed too since you can no longer pick a bear.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    I think this problem is caused by most high level players not playing solo/duo due to bad experiences with other players. So the matchmaking is forced to put you with lower players. Since none of them are availiable.
    This is a problem getting worse and worse. Since more players are only playing sagotage with a three man team of the highest quality players they can find. I'm also guilty of this since I take it too seriously.

    But most matchmaking problems can only be solved with a larger community.
  • Re: Undocumented 2.1 Changes

    You can check when something is posted in chat by hovering over it.
  • Re: Sabotage Mode First Impressions

    I think the gamemode is great for the seasoned farmer.

    Like: The whole randomness since I've not gotten surprised in survival for a while. So the quick paced changing atmosphere of battle tense, a lot of games are won and lost on small moments and decisions. Since you don't know when your big break will come, so you try your hardest defending until it comes.
    Also most of the heroes are playable so you don't get too bored repeating playstyles.

    Dislike: Bionka is a regular I see a lot but she's only going to need a little tweaking.
    Another problem is the rise of knockback heroes since pits instantly kill. Ivy, Bionka and Temper can carry much easier on most maps I have had a few sudden deaths end in which team picked the best knockback characters.
    A problem that I think could happen is that low level players try it out, see the gold tier traps of allies. Then get scared of this new "elite" gamemode. But I haven't experience this game as a new player since siege so I have no idea what they think.