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  • Re: Teleport ring has become buggy.

    After some more testing I have a few theories myself.

    My favourite theory at the moment is the ring teleports you to the default spot on the map. The default spot I call (0,0).
    The default spot is the same x and y everytime. But not z (height) as that has a default spot but changes due to other factors. e.g. Placed traps, maybe minions or a number of unknown factors.

    But there is three different things that could be at the default spot.
    1. Air, you spawn as normal fall onto whatever. In Cliffside clash this always happens.
    2. Liquid/Wall, you die instantly your camera changes to the location but on the map your death marker is where you were previously standing.
    3. Kill plain, as the most buggy fun area it moves you to the co-ordinates and angle to the last thing that was spawned. Anything like traps, guardians and even moves are spawned in at a location. Traps which are spawned at an angle ceiling/wall traps will change your angle.

    This being my latest theory doesn't explain everything i've seen so more testing will have to be done.

    Edit: Most of this is wrong after a few hours of messing around.
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  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    Haymakers are tricky to get right. They can either knock the minions over the barricades or kill them all.

    I would recommend placing them so on their right is a solid wall. So the trap room needs to push them close to the wall. You can also place them in enclosed areas where they are not near barricades. I wouldn't recommend using them to knock minions off cliffs because it will make a mess. The only map where I would use them to kill them by pits is gates of thucirod (bad spelling but you get the idea) since haymakers make that map twice as easy.

    Bad places will knock minions over your barricades so just make sure that you have no major barricades on the right hand side.
  • Re: Make Oziel great again! Not happy with new patch regarding Oziel rework. (ps4)

    Here's what pc players thought of the change back when we had it.
    This was before the amount of max souls change.
  • Re: Release 1.05 for PS4 - August 22

    This maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last approximately three hours.
  • Re: Loot tables and a few other things...

    Here's the loot tables:
    It's in chinese due to there law about "lucky" drops. @simonchengyin can probably help us with that.

    To the rest of the questions: game mechanics are rather hard to explain in paragraph but they could do a lot better with upgrading traps to actually tell us what they do. Also big letters next to bug game traps that "only shoots big guys (And also pride hunters) (Also some yellow guys) (And also unstable rifts)".

    To the server I have no idea since I don't really notice whether it's my connection or theirs. But don't worry we have a test for this since timemaster spends all waking hours online so how many disconnects do he get daily? But then it probably depends on how close the servers are.

    With the bugs and balancing i'm sorry but you can't spend all your programmers trying to fix image's special quirks. So if you see a problem report it then they can at least know that it's bugged. With the balancing bring it on since i've never seen a selection of heroes so balanced in my life.

    Then to the dev response they have said that image bugs exist, then there's spamwagon (a different story) and then there's steam forums where people want the devs to admit their mistakes. Dev response is demanded but using simple logic can probably work out why it was changed/exists.