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  • Re: Make Traits More Noticeable

    I too think the entire traits section needs a full overhaul.

    Some traits seem boring and uninteresting for a new player they get a new trait and say "-25% hero respawn cost sounds useless" instead imagine if it was 75%. Close to being amazing but sure sounds great. Or making never pays retail into gain a hero level after respawning by paying.

    Or just combine traits like rift gift (Gain full health and mana after the destroy a rift) and rift rocket (+50% movement speed for 5 seconds after destroying a rift). This now looks like an attractive trait for keys with more rifts.

    Natural Born Sprinter: (+50% movement speed when unchained) Is boring no one picks it. (Aside from combo masters). Instead make it when you kill a minion it has a chance to drop a speed boost +50% movement speed for 5 seconds. That sounds so much cooler.

    Brother Mauled By Grizzlies: (+12% damage to grizzlies) Instead add to it every bear you kill reduces the cooldown of your moves by 2 seconds.

    Each trait needs to change the way you play.
  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    Zethalit said:
    Lizardmen Skins.
    So I just thought there are dwarfs, elves, and a whole lot of beast races, but there aren't any lizardmen, why's that?
    Lizardmen had once been a concept at the start of development of the first orcs. But it didn't get past concept art.

  • Re: A skillfull roll from Deadeye managed to get her up there

    Not sure about this one.

    Since I can do it with every hero. One of the chains is not slippy so you can climb up it. The south east chain on each of the bridges can be climbed up. Then with a speed boost you can get onto the statue.

    Also on the other side of the statue there's an invisible ledge you can climb onto.
  • Re: Crash - Midnight Market CT

    I would suggest contacting support and giving them your crash files so they can look into it.
  • Re: The door did not open. The Orcs could not leave.

    It's getting a fix tomorrow.
    In the meanwhile don't place a guardian at the bottom.