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  • Unreleased Hero Brass compilation of references.

    Brass (dobbin's wife) has been teased for a long time now so here's a compilation of references.

    This is brass a hero who has been in development for a few years.

    The picture is the earliest known image of her from a pax 2015 from a robot panel. Along with her was designs of zoey and early oziel and a bunch of other different hero ideas.
    This design has a anti-trap vambrance an old gear removed with the removal of siege. Also a blunderbuss from OMD2 or at least a design of it.

    The next was the references in lore. Where she is refered to as Dobbin's wife.
    Cygnus' Adventures: "It occurs to me now that I have left the man who eats things because they smell pretty in charge of rebuilding the Order. Perhaps I should have warned you not to waste all our funds on ale and feather beds? I can only hope the Sorceress has more sense, but in the case that she does not- I have met a pair of dwarves, and I have recommended they join the Order. The Prospector has a keen eye for money, and his lovely wife Brass has a keen mind for finances. They are quite fun, I think you shall like them."
    (Note this is old lore so may have contradictions also this is a good read for anyone with the time:
    Dobbin's Old Lore: "One of several dwarves that struck it big during the Great Mineral Rush in the previous century, the Prospector has a nose for gold and an engineer's attention to detail. Unfortunately, he lacks all business sense. After squandering his first three fortunes, the Prospector met and married Brass, who has since carefully managed the pair's money and provides him with a generous allowance." (Note old lore maybe still canon but there is a few contradictions
    Boom Barrel Roller: "Brass told me not to play with ma dynamite. But she didn't say nothin' 'bout a' rollin' it! Ha ha ha ha!" - Dobbin, Claim Jumper Spitfire Wall: "Orc kabobs COMIN' RIGHT UP!" - Brass, Master Engineer
    Dobbin's Bio: "My missus Brass wants official help gettin rid of Copperhead Joe and his Sidewinder Gang STOP We laid claim to property that Copperhead Joe wants STOP He's comin to the Itzal Mine at sundown to take our claim STOP Brass's inventions my dynamite and our hired man Maximilian should be more than a match fer them STOP But it'd be grand if ya could help us mop up after STOP Thank ya kindly STOP"
    Deadeye's Bio: "With this context, the motive for the attack becomes clear: Deadeye is avenging the death of her brother and in the process lashing out at the citizens of Dusty River who undoubtedly had little to do with his death. Deadeye has injured the town's sheriff, Sheriff Macken, and taken many of the small town's residents hostage in the Motherlode Saloon. Locals Dobbin and Brass have tunneled into the saloon and rescued several hostages, but they are unable to reach Macken or release all the hostages because of the Sidewinders' great numbers."

    Back to another picture a tease from the developers who left this in restricted section.

    This is the only two full pictures we have gotten so far.

    Brass has been delayed a few times in development due to balancing, removal of siege and stuff. Her delayment has lead to her not appearing in the kickstarter backed boardgame which revealed a few things.
    First her weapons were going to be wheel lock, shaphance and flintlock. (Source
    They also revealed two shadow shots thought to be her.

    The unknown heroes were replaced in the main game with alternate skins with different powers.
    Since she was in the kickstarter her model and artwork were given to Sandy Peterson to design the model. In fact they claim that they had made the prototype model before the removal of her. Therefore robot has a in game model of her.
  • Re: New Traps?

    Not in the short term.
    Source: Insider Access 100

    10:50 minutes.

  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    Axony said:
    Those are 3 years between hero releases.
    And it will clearly have a big gap after Yi-Lin again because Yi-Lin and Deadeye are developed by Tencent.
    Nope they are designed and created by robot. Tencent just organises the chinese server and events.

    They got them first because of separate reasons. (Tencent has bought shares in robot).
  • Re: Teleport ring has become buggy.

    After some more testing I have a few theories myself.

    My favourite theory at the moment is the ring teleports you to the default spot on the map. The default spot I call (0,0).
    The default spot is the same x and y everytime. But not z (height) as that has a default spot but changes due to other factors. e.g. Placed traps, maybe minions or a number of unknown factors.

    But there is three different things that could be at the default spot.
    1. Air, you spawn as normal fall onto whatever. In Cliffside clash this always happens.
    2. Liquid/Wall, you die instantly your camera changes to the location but on the map your death marker is where you were previously standing.
    3. Kill plain, as the most buggy fun area it moves you to the co-ordinates and angle to the last thing that was spawned. Anything like traps, guardians and even moves are spawned in at a location. Traps which are spawned at an angle ceiling/wall traps will change your angle.

    This being my latest theory doesn't explain everything i've seen so more testing will have to be done.

    Edit: Most of this is wrong after a few hours of messing around.
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  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    Haymakers are tricky to get right. They can either knock the minions over the barricades or kill them all.

    I would recommend placing them so on their right is a solid wall. So the trap room needs to push them close to the wall. You can also place them in enclosed areas where they are not near barricades. I wouldn't recommend using them to knock minions off cliffs because it will make a mess. The only map where I would use them to kill them by pits is gates of thucirod (bad spelling but you get the idea) since haymakers make that map twice as easy.

    Bad places will knock minions over your barricades so just make sure that you have no major barricades on the right hand side.