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    The quick cast is hold c then select an option.

    On ps4 no idea.
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    yobbobear said:
    A better bear than that.
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    First everyone takes damage now how to heal it melee heroes first have to escape conflict. Range heroes only have to use it.

    Random Drops these are infrequent but are rather useful. Require killing minions enough for them to spawn.

    Healing wells are about ~60% of your health back in 4 seconds. Doesn't trigger to well during burning damage. Requires money done you have just been trying to kill a wave of minions you probably got money from that. A trap slot gets taken up and a wall place on every map there's a lot of these.

    Retreat back to guardian waste of time. Unless your guardian is inside your killbox then he won't regen your health. Also depends on map. Less time inside killbox.

    Then there's the healing root I take it everytime. But considering that it's not removed from you. If you trigger it then take damage then you gain no further health. So you have to wait for the burn effects to wear off. Also you have to leave combat to avoid getting hit. Takes up gear slot.

    Then there's parts they have been recently nerfed and shadedev wants to nerf them further. The siphons are alright but they are useless for trying not to die since you don't die slowly in this game you die quickly. The ways I die bombers, fire mages, those big giants and large amounts of archers. In the other ways I died since I was being risky, lagging out and made a bad jump. I die to large amounts of damage at once so siphons are useless. Requires money, parts and for them to be walking over them the same time as you need health. Or you will be left outside of combat for too long.

    Consumables only got a certain amount wastes skulls but gets you skulls.

    Hero powers. All require hero pick.
    Ivy's rather useful but Ivy overall not that good. We used her inside the run I desribed but she has no health so a more skilled person should use her. Since Ivy's solo abilities aren't that good when you are on a tier 7 rift lord key. Requires mana ~30% of it.
    Cygnus' rift rather good but it is still slow also the radius is small so fire balls will most likely hit one of you. Unless you put it round a corner where 1 or 2 heroes will be doing nothing in that time (if you have a corner).
    Bloodspike's meals are useless since you have to re-enter combat to gain ~10% of you health back but risking your life further.
    Blackpaw's bite great hero pick him but still risk your life and uses mana.
    Stinkeye's drops these are useful but require his second weaver upgrade that only comes in later waves.
    Oziel's lifesteal rather good but it requires oziel to deal damage.

    Overall healing wells can do something the rest of them don't. Since chaos trials can take away most things gear, health drops and cooldowns on spells. Also it can up the damage out put of the minions fire mages, hunters and bombers. So inside one of those situations it may be useful to use health siphons (one of which i've already found). Therefore they are useful and worth something.
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  • Re: Guides for new players and veterans alike - we need your input!

    A small guide which, encourages players to make killboxes maximising traps. e.g. a trap room with walls, ceiling and floor spaces. Also showing how barricade placement maximises damage. Similiar to the great guide killboxes and how to build them
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    The wells are both useful on endless since you can only take one or two hits before dying. So playing you don't have the time to back out and heal/mana so it's much easier placing these to recharge your batteries. That way you spend 90% of your time attacking minions. Doing this tactic we got the high score on endless.

    Also since chaos trails are coming, there are debuffs for example no mana drops. Which will encourage people to bring wells to heal or get mana.

    The wells are far from the most useless traps. For example icicle impaler which I have only seen one person use ever. I've seen at least 10 people use wells. Other traps are trip wire which I have seen 0 use correctly. Also big game zapper is useless since ballista does the same job but takes less space and a larger range.