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  • Re: Is Global Chat now broken up into multiple different channels?

    The global chat could always split into multiple chats ever since I joined. But it only seems to happen at around 500 players. At which they create a new global chat, to avoid the chat being too quick.
    The reason why you never saw it before is because the player base was very small. So the automatic system didn't kick in.
  • Re: Custom Games?

    They have answered (sort of) these questions before.
    1) Since in a previous version of the game you could play 5 player coop it is possible. But they removed that saying that they were trying to balance the game. Also with 5 people your damage was like a half of the damage you do already so you felt weaker taking away from the feeling. In my opinion one of the reasons was the matchmaking system tried to connect to 4 other people instead of 2 like it is now. Last time I asked them back in December about it but they said they were focusing on 3 player.
    2) They are looking into custom games. Since they did exist before. But are focusing on other things first.
  • Tempers happy place buff doesn't stack

    When Temper uses happy place you can't stack the other speed boosts from other sources. When using happy place and running over speed pads it doesn't increase his movement speed. The buff shows at the bottom but doesn't increase his overall speed.
  • Re: Hogarth rework

    I think Hogarth is good as he is he starts off slow but as the game progresses. Upgrading his catch he gets a lot better.
    The kit at the moment just consists of using his jump and catch whenever it comes up. Killing minions easierly as well as slowing them down. He may be a worst Tundra but his catch is more useful maxed out killing large groups of minions.

    I think he still needs work too, since his shield is fairly useless for a good player. Also I rarely pick other weavers. Since they are to do with being a tank which is useless in pve. Then his jump needs tweaking since you have to find a solid wall to use it against or walk away from battle and get back in.
  • How to get into spectator mode. (April Fools)

    So I was messing around with my friend. On Highlands and we did this trap setup. A summoner trap with 5 decoys around it. And while I was taunting with Tundra he killed a minion with stunning execution.
    He got a screenshot. After that his character model disappeared and he became a spectator.

    I don't know how it worked. But we tried it again on other maps if you want those videos just ask.