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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all Orc Slayers and Orcs.

    Hope you all have a great day whether killing orcs or not.

    For my present to you a concept art for Yi Lin which has not been shown.

    I found this one by guessing hyperlinks after looking at
    For some reason it was added to their encrypted website as a picture but not added to the blog. So guessing hyperlinks I found it.

    Merry Christmas!

    Sand Minions:

    Mummy's: They slowly move towards the rift. Dealing physic damage when flailing their arms. When they die they leave a bandage on the ground it can trip up heroes stunning them for a second. The bandages disappear after 10 seconds.

    Sand coyotes: Hunter minions they behave like other hunters but are ammune to stunning and slowing. There special is there is a 10% chance when they die they respawn invisible. The invisibility lasts for 5 seconds canceling if they take damage or deal damage. A cool animation happens when they die exploding them into sand.

    Scorpions and Sand mages: These spawn in a pair. The scorpion is a heavy with physical resistance. When he hits you it deals poison damage forever. It will deal 1 damage per second.
    You can heal this if:
    • You can get to the rift
    • Get the cure off a sand mage
    • Use a trap with a antidote attuner

    The antidote attuner is new attuner which will heal any debuffs. (Not chaos trials or sabotage debuffs).

    The sand mages will be similiar to the other mages. But their attack is a cloud of sand. Which they throw in an arc until it hits the ground. The cloud will be like Dobbins one. Dealing damage per second and a slight slow. A sand mage will not throw another one until the previous one disappears. Killing a sand mage will drop a potion which will cure you of the scorpion's poison. If you aren't poisoned then it will heal you 10% of your health. (This maybe a bit to good but the scorpions will have the same movement speed as the mages so you will find them together.

    Boss: Crumbling Sphinx: A large sphinx statue. It is partially collapsed causing a cloud of sand to follow it around. The sand cloud will deal 10 damage per second. If the sphinx passes over a bandage left behind by a mummy then the mummy will rise again on full health. The sphinx has high health.

  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Hey I'd love to know how to get stupid high combos solo, I've never been able to figure it out.
    Here's a great vid explains a lot:

    Or you can watch @Kefkafish or @xOrcsMustGetHigh on twitch they are great players and also nice and friendly.

    edit: Got some incorrect grammer
  • Brass Feedback

    Here's some Brass Feedback since I have mixed feelings about her.

    Her overall kit feels like two separate heroes:

    Blunderbuss and cannonball is high physical damage with skill shots, running in and out for bonus damage.
    Turret, wrench and mines is support based hero, relying on managing scrap levels.

    These two separate ways of playing is on one hero. So she feels like you are always forgeting about one of her moves. For me I don't use her cannon shot since I have to manage everything else. For other players I've seen another guy just using her turret as a decoy because it's free.

    She also has 2 primarys. The wrench and blunderbuss they are both on a low cooldown so trying to keep a turret alive you spend your time switching between depending on how many minions are coming. Also the blunderbuss is so good that in late game wrench is pretty much useless. Early game wrench and late game blunderbuss.

    The mines are her main source of damage since brass places them so quickly you can burn through your entire scrap bar against a large group of enemies. I would recommend picking 1/2 priced mines their damage is good. They also give you scrap sometimes you gain back all that you lost. They are great at getting runners as well with good planning.

    Cannonball I don't really use. I suppose it works the same as deadeyes bombs. But she's got so much going on I find the blunderbuss is better.

    The turret is useful at the start of a match and then leaving in a lane. It normally gets overpowered and killed then you have spend 30 seconds rebuilding it. But it is good at the end of a good trap room picking off. Which means you will leave it in the first lane while you take the second lane. Archers like standing outside it's range and destroying barricades in their way, which means it's too risky in endless and annoying in every other gamemode. Also babysitting the turret is annoying since minions are always getting in the way of the wrench.

    Overall her individual moves are great but they are all on such low cooldowns so you forget one move. I would recommend making one of her moves are ultimate so you would use it in hard places.

    If you have mastered how to use all her moves without it feeling clunky, reply.

    Thanks for reading