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  • Boss suggestions

    A giant slime guy who travels slowly towards the rift. But every 30 seconds it gets hunger and eats the closest trap either wall or floor. It's model slowly moves over it and removes it in a few seconds. When it dies slime explodes everywhere slowing every hero close to it.
    This guy would be a perfect additional to sewer levels as a final boss. Also for fun just send him in sagotage if sudden death is taking too long.

    A giant who carries a large bag. Every few seconds he picks a random thing out his bag and throws it. He can throw dwarven bombers, a bottle of rum and basic soldiers. The bombers can explode destroying your barricades. The bottle of rum slows you and teleports your character around in a short distance. The basic soldiers are basic soldiers. His high hitpoints make him an end game boss. He would be great in sudden death since maps take too long this guys will destroy everything. This boss would also make a great merc.

    The runaway minecart with the dwarf worker. The minecart will speed ahead at fast speeds powered by a dwarf who is controlling the device. As it passes minions they will jump in (Maximum 10). The minecart has low health but will ignore physics traps. When it loses it health it breaks down and all the minions jump out but the dwarf tries to repair it. Having medium health he will try to repair it takes about 10 seconds if he does it will carry on until the rift. Killing the dwarf will destoy the minecart. This would be a great boss for any late game map. For example endless or sudden death.

    Any opinions feel free to share them.
  • Re: Why remove Siege mode?

    The problem with it is that they did have feedback they tried to make it for 2 years. Slowly tuning it to the feedback that they were getting. The first month on open beta got a good amount of players but the terrible launch date and split fanbase. Siege mode got worse and worse with less people eventually few fair matches were being made. There decision to remove it was a hard one but it didn't work and they had more experience with PvE.

    Also the fact that people are coming back wondering where it is means that they didn't even want to play it. Since it was announced back in september it was going and this discussion is 8 months after. So you enjoyed it so much you stopped playing for 8 months.
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    The update is looking great so far.

    But the swinging mace trap in the throne room is still buggy. It throws them through the wall still.
  • Re: How do I link my existing steam account?

    Then you can ask support for the details of your account. (Since it's probably to do with forgotten login details) Or it has a bug.
    But either way they will try and get you on the account.

    They will try to help.
  • Re: Barricades disappearing

    Possible ideas:
    1) Due to vast amounts of minions the barricades despawn
    2) You are not connected to the server thus the barricades are there but they aren't loaded
    3) Fire elementals are very bugged and can explode for no reason
    4) Due to some fail safes the minions can get trapped in some place and so the barricade gets destroyed
    5) Your team mates own the barricades and sell them
    6) You decided to put rental parts on your barricades
    7) Another unknown bug