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  • Re: Hogarth

    I enjoy Hogarth, I played an endless Banquet Hall with him. Me and a buddy of mine two maned it, got up to wave 46, not to bad really, I think we placed like forth place over all? I normally take all of his leap weavers, the 100% Damage reduction on shield and dual blade, which adds another axe to the throw. I normally need mana well or I'll run out of mana but I leap in hit a few times and then leap again, The leap does massive damage and with the cooldown weaver and the X2 damage on landing he is a force to be reckoned with! That along with the CC and the ability to freeze minions, you get them in the kill box and just keep them there for a long time. Over all I really enjoy him as a character even if his primary attack is weaker then most.
  • Trip Wire - And what changes I would like to see happen to it.

    Trip wire, not everyone uses it, and here are a few reasons why...

    One, it takes up trap cap. yes, it takes up trap cap, this is very bad in a multiplayer game! The trap is good for usage but only if you have an open trap slot to place it! If you place it down and then it gets used it's gone, and then one of your team is like "oh look we are not maxed traps! *Places Trap*" And then you are left without Trip wire! You can't use it anymore unless if you sell one of their traps to do it, and sometimes you cannot. because their traps are either unsellable, or they make them unsellable because they just don't know whats going on... 

    My suggestion on fixing this is, one, allowing it not to take up trap space! Very much like Maxes Decoys, but also allowing only three Trip wires per wave. So you cannot spam them, but also get used out of them. I say per wave because if you only allow for three trip wires, or heck even ten trip wires per the entire game it just would not be as effective in the long run, such as endless. But three per wave would not be so bad. You could space them out in a kill box. you could space them out across the map and each wave you can go and replace them. 

    They don't really stall any minions like Decoys do, so I believe allowing people to be able to use at least three per wave would be useful also very handy considering they disappear so quickly. Also because they would not take up trap cap they could still be useful late game when you already have all the trap space taken up.

    What are your thoughts on this? I hope the someone takes a look at this and finds it a respectable request. :) 
  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    I haven't use much push traps, they can be good in a couple of maps like falling folly and gates of thuricvod. Not sure about using them inside an actual killbox.
    On the subject of Push traps, I love them, They are one of my main traps for a lot of resins... Spamming them on walls to throw minions into pits, hitting larger minions to dot them for extra damage. I also like putting the Push traps in corners facing the end of the path to push smaller minions back into the trap zone they were trying to leave. In the end I just really enjoy push traps... Also you can use push traps in some situations to throw minions over cades which force them to run back down to the beginning of the kill box and start over agian.... So yeah, a lot of different uses for Push traps.
  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    I for one replaced Vic Tar with Steam Vent, Tar might be great with slowing minions and one of the best at it! But I just love Steam Vents ability to throw small and medium minions (And possibly fire/normal elementals *Unconfirmed*) into the air. This allows you to use higher ceiling and walls for more Grinders/Wallblades/Arrow Walls, with the use of Pounders or Haymakers in tall areas (Shock zapper as well can be used in high areas with Steam vents but I feel like to a lesser extent) But them are my thoughts on Steam vent.