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  • Re: Steam Account trouble

    If you are from EU you will have to transfer your account over using a code sent in a email. If you cannot find this email. contact support.

    Also everyones accounts were reset last December so you will have your gold returned.
  • Re: Traps and the Best Part to insert in them!

    Let us start with an easy one, barricades and great wall. 

    My choices are:
    Reflective armour, reflects damage back on to enemies
    Stamped Parts, reduced cost
    Double struts, 40% reduced damage
  • Re: PS4 Promotional Skins

    Teck said:
    This bothers me a bit too.  Mostly because I just miss things I would have been into.  I only recently even learned about the boardgame and the Serpent Guardian skin.  I have been using Razer mice for years and literally missed the promo even though I was already registered with Razer.  I find it rather aggravating that most things I miss out on are simply because there isn't an obvious notification that I spot regarding new events.
    Don't worry about the serpent guardian it is going to be added to normal chests soon.
  • Re: what kept you from trying pvp siege?

    Here is the developers reasons.

    Despite tremendous efforts, Siege PvP mode just hasn't worked out. As we've gone through various iterations on the game mode, we've ultimately seen only a small portion of our players actively playing Siege. More importantly, people who play Siege matches are less likely to continue playing the game at all after their match. This has been the case since the beginning of Open Beta, when matchmaking queues were shorter and games were more frequent. As some of the most passionate fans of Siege mode, it's been difficult for us at Robot to come to terms with this feedback and data. Ultimately, the Siege game mode has a small hardcore group of players, but it isn't building a healthy long-term community around itself.

    As the game has grown, Siege and Survival modes have competed with one another more and more for development resources. The need to balance the traps, heroes, and gear for both of these game modes and develop each in consideration with the other is holding both modes back.

    The most common piece of community feedback we get is that the game still needs to feel more like OMD and OMD2. We've always agreed with that feedback. Adding Survival and Endless modes to OMDU was a big step in that direction, and we can make them much, much better. The vast majority of our beta players came looking for that classic Orcs Must Die! feeling, and we can and will deliver it.

    Siege mode is being removed from Orcs Must Die! Unchained as of the next update . We believe that competitive gameplay still has a future in Orcs Must Die!, but we've decided that Siege mode is just not the right fit for that. Competitive gameplay could return to OMDU, and if it does, it won't be in the form of Siege.

    Our focus will now turn entirely toward making Survival feel, look, sound, and play more like a clear evolution of OMD and OMD2. We're doubling down on Survival mode to bring back the kick-orc OMD gameplay you love.

  • Re: PS4 Promotional Skins

    I don't think PS4 players will get the Founder skins nor the boardgame kick-starter skins. Since they were guaranteed unobtainable.

    Like no one has the rooster teeth skins, they sent out them before we could even buy them. So I think we should have another chance.

    Two skins you can obtain through, friend recommendations and the Lionheart giveaway.

    I think they will give out the miracle worker skin, if Robot has another charity live stream. Via donations.

    Last ones are Pax giveaways and the Lucky Tunic. They might give away the Lucky Tunic again.

    So you have no chance to obtain most of them. I expect they might go back to the Miracle worker, maybe lucky tunic?