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  • Feedback Patch 2.5: Wu Xing Battles

    So I just have to say I am loving this patch.

    The new maps work great! Yi-Lin plays well, but yet to see her in endless. I also love the Statues of Mulan and Chang'E.

    The new archers all show up as yellow for some reason? They don't have bombs on them. Why aren't they red like the other normal archers.

    The terracotta Warriors are intimidating but once you realise they don't hurt you can kill them easily. I don't like this, why not add some DPS with their stun?

    The new Shaman What is it? and What does it do? There is no description anywhere.

    I think the Wu Xing army needs a unique boss which leads their armies because the other bosses don't fit very well with the rest of the army. So can we have a Chinese version of Sarge or totally new one?

    How can we PC players get the Raincoat skin for Yi-Lin? It doesn't even appear on her skins.

    Also the Dashboard and chat look good and work well. Shouldn't we have the new event appear in the community events as coming soon?

    Overall I think that the patch is great!

    Feel free to add your own feedback below.
  • Re: (PS4) Endless just...ending?

    On PS4 to combat the issue of game crashes, they limited endless matches to 40 minutes.

    They are working to fix the issue and remove the automatic victory.
  • Re: The OMDU server is currently unavailable

    What are you on?

    PS4 or PC, if PC are you on Steam or Standalone?

    Me and a friend were trying to login on the standalone the other day and got the same error even though the server was up at the time. But it did go away after about 5 minutes.
  • Information about Chinese Heroes, a skin and a guardian

    So me and Teddy have been doing some investigating on the Chinese side of the internet. Here is the results of our adventure.

    Chinese Heroes:

    Here is a screenshot I showed off, a year ago now. Yi-Lin on the left, Chang'E in the centre, and Mulan on the right. These Heroes are taken from Chinese Folklore apart from Yi-Lin.

    Yi-Lin we are getting in the next update. If you want more information on her check out the new Insider Access.

    Chang'E is a key character in Yi-Lins Bio, she is a Chinese goddess who lives on the moon. Her biggest claim to fame is the astronauts in the first moon landing, were told to look out for her before landing on the moon. 

    We managed to find more images of Chang'E: (Link it is in Chinese) 

    This might a skin of her or a redesign.

    There is also discussion of her having a nurse skin and a Basket Ball player skin with the Rabbit being a Basketball.

    Mulan she was shown off with the announcement with Tencent. 

    Also she was hinted as a unknown hero in the Board game Kickstarter

    One thing is clear with Mulan her weapons are certainly not clear. A halberd? Single large sword? With a shield?

    Other things:

    An Ivy Skin: Although this is open to interpretations. It comes with a name, Mu Guiying another Chinese folklore figure. (Chinese Link)

    Who knows if this is still planned for release?

    The new Terracotta enemy also has these shots:

    From the Chinese release ad.

    The final thing is this Chinese Guardian: He is a jailer guardian our missing guardian.

    Right I think this is all we found, hopefully some of this stuff is coming soon.
  • Re: Steam Account trouble

    If you are from EU you will have to transfer your account over using a code sent in a email. If you cannot find this email. contact support.

    Also everyones accounts were reset last December so you will have your gold returned.