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  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    That sounds great @Shadedev. At the moment you cannot deal with them using ranged Heroes when you are far into an endless run.
  • Re: Release 2.4 for PC - Patch Notes

    Here are some of the skins coming out this patch:

    We will get this max skin if we win endless summer

    Baywatch inspired Ivy. 

    Bionka inspired by Jessica Rabbit: Who framed Roger Rabbit?

    Also patch notes mentioned a Tundra skin and Hogarth one. Are they still coming? Or just a bit later?
  • Re: Today's IA

    Here is the Smolder skin... One of the dye varients.

  • Re: Can we please get rid of the matchmaking requirement for daily quests?

    It is changing, Patch notes: (for PC)
    • "Win 2 Sabotage Games" daily quest has been changed to "Kill 450 minions in Sabotage".
    • "Win 5 Matchmade Games" daily quest has been changed to "Kill 1200 minions".
    If you are on PS4 you will have to wait a bit longer for the change. Probably about a month? Not sure.
  • August Events! :s

    Looks like I got some information mixed up  :s 
    So this is the information I have put together from the new Insider Access and Blog post.

    There is a weekend event coming:
    It will be taking place over the weekend 19th-20th (This is a maybe! (But I'm thinking probably) ). There will be 4 goals.

    The goals will run concurrently, once one is complete it will start the next goal.
    One of the goals is going to be killing Kobolds.

    And later on this summer we will be getting Endless summer:
    With a grand prize of a skin. The other prizes will be other vanity rewards, titles, etc.  

    This is all the info we have at the moment, also I expect some of these details to change.