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    why would it be on the X key to place the traps anyways? on the PC you use the left click, (which is also the primary attack key) to place traps, not the jump key! it should be the square button (what i think is the primary attack key for PS4) if you really want to do the same thing, but just R2 seems fine as well
    It's R2 that's primary attack, L2 secondary. But yeah, I agree. It should just be your primary attack, not jumping. And certainly makes no sense for it to be both 'x' [jump] and 'R2' for placing traps. Don't need two things for one thing when there's already limited buttons to work with.
    What are the Directional arrows used for? Movement? You could change it so it allows the player to select the upgrade weaver they need instead, and then the last arrow can be used for something else.
    I'm pretty sure that the players prefer using the Joystick to move around instead of the directional arrows anyways.
    left and right are for consumables ingame, and up and down are for your gear. The problem is that weavers are assigned to the d-pad as well; up, right and down. Was playing endless today and have no idea what weaver I picked for Temper since I accidentally picked the down one trying to use my lightning ring. Leveled up right as I pushed it. Fun times! I think it was the tier that I never know what to pick anyway, but it's still annoying.
  • PS4 Controls

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, but...

    For the love of Yevon, please change things a bit. The controls are generally fine, but flawed in that you can accidentally pick a weaver the very second you go to heal or use some other gear. Really painful when you miss a character's prime weaver and get something lame. Why would I ever pick anything other than Spontaneous Combustion on Smoulder? Because I tried using the gear assigned to down on the d-pad the literal instant I level up. Some may like the other options in tier 4, but I sure don't.

    I'd suggest changing the weavers to require you to hold the button for a few seconds before it takes. Not sure what other options there really are. Other than like swiping on the touchpad or something, like a few other PS4 games have done [which can have it's own share of issues]. I have instantly picked a weaver as I level up far too many times.

    And often times in the heat of things, the upgrade will be hanging there for awhile unnoticed since I'm too busying fighting off waves to deal with it. I see this from PC players too. It's easy to notice passively watching, but in the thick of things you don't have time to fiddle with it. And unlike PC players, we don't have a button for every single individual thing. With that you can still end up doing upgrades instead of using gear, because you're busy fighting. Not paying attention to the upgrades. So you go to toss down some fire, or heal up and boom there goes an upgrade and boom you're also dead because you didn't get that heal going.

    Another thing related to this. Put an icon for up and down under the gear in the ingame UI. A lot of people don't know you can use them for that purpose on PS4. Size them up properly and change up the UI to reflect that you can use them this way. I've seen people stream the game and cycle through manually with L1/R1 to use their gear every time. It's cumbersome to watch and cumbersome to do. I don't even think the game tells you you can use them this way either, I just did it on accident and never went back. This shouldn't even be an option with how bad it is to do. I've also accidentally fumbled and used gear when trying to cycle through my traps or get back to my abilities so that autoattacking works instead of me trying to place a trap [or use gear]. Though now I've discovered R2 takes you directly there without using an ability so I'll have to get used to that to fix this issue.

    It'd be far better to just skip over both gear when cycling through all our traps. Why add more to it when other buttons already do this better [aside from the problems with weavers]. It's always going to be cumbersome to cycle through our traps as we do on PS4, and I accept it. But, I can't accept that it's made even more cumbersome for no real reason. The only real "benefit" of how it is now is superficial. Having a certain type of glow around your hands while you've got something selected. Is that really worth it? Something you don't even notice except at the start of a match before everyone's connected leaving that the only thing to do while you wait? The green/blue/fire/etc glow isn't worth it.

    Given the placement of traps is current R2 or X, why not pick one? I'd love to be able to jump and have my trap ready to place or jump without [currently] using my selected gear (which I've also done many times). I don't know how it works on PC, but I don't see a problem in letting us jump while our traps are 'out' and ready for placement. I don't see why it's this way. There's already limited buttons on the controller, why are you taking up multiple uses for the same thing?

    And as a minor sidenote; the event pages are a mess too, it's hard to actually scroll through the list of goals. Why isn't the right stick automatically assigned to scrolling on them? Instead it acts as the left stick does and is for selection. You end up stuck at the bottom of the list and then when trying to move back up, you just exit the quest goals and move to the green tile of the quest [oddly enough the last goal doesn't do this, instead it only goes up if you press left, pushing up does nothing Dx] . And the only way to get back to the top of the list is to exit to another tab and come back. I have somehow managed to scroll back up a few times, but had no idea how it happened and was so surprised I scrolled back down and it got stuck again. At least toss on some arrows to the top and bottom of the scroll bar so I can click them with the touchpad, which also doesn't seem to work well on them. I actually do use the touchpad for things at times and I'm glad it's used at all, but at times it doesn't function as you'd think it would.

    * add up and down under the gear in the ingame UI
    * remove gear from the L1/R1 cycle so you skip directly to traps
    * weavers should require you to hold the corresponding button or something else that doesn't interfere with gear use
    * Make R2 the only way to place traps, so jumping is always available

  • Re: Brass Feedback

    The turret has a problem of diminishing returns. You have to invest so much time and scrap to upgrade it that you take away from Brass' far superior DPS. Why sit upgrading when you should be using canonball or placing mines to do damage to a wave? Or placing traps that won't die or require you to heal them [which takes a lot of time to do]. It's more practical to just plop a tier 1 turret down, let it die, replace. And never really think about it at all. But clearly that's not what the turret was designed for, which is why you can upgrade it, heal it, manage it and pick upgrades for it.

    I think the last weaver for the turret should be changed, to instead of restoring mana/health of allies to restore it's own health. I'd like if it could keep the healing/mana regen, but that seems like a lot. Regardless, then maybe the turret would feel like it's worth the time to upgrade to tier 3. Since it'll be capable of healing itself over time so you don't have to micromanage it so much.

    Given it's more useful to plop it down, let it die, then plop it down again as it is... I'd say to increase the turret's defense and/or health, so it can live longer and more consistently when under attack. But as a trade off for more survivability when it dies, put the turret on cooldown. As it is, a cooldown would be horrible since the turret dies like nothing. And you can't realistically heal it through damage either. Since you'll just hit enemies around it with your wrench instead. Even if you could heal it while it's surrounded, you'd still not be able to heal it fast enough. It's far more realistic to use your time to just attack the enemies yourself, with canonballs, or the mines or your primary. Another reason the health regen weaver would be a good idea. Gives it additional chance to live through a wave.

    The turret just does not work as it is. I want to love the turret, and invest in it, but it's far better to just go for mines and canonball. It's hard to even find a good spot where the turret won't grab aggro and will be able to attack.

    Another alternative would be to have a weaver to make the turret invisibile to aggro [maybe not bombs], but definitely not AoE damage. So like barricades. Then you wouldn't need the regen health, or to boost defense/health at all. You could slightly decrease the attack or attack speed to balance it out a bit. I think not needing to micromanage it as much would justify weaker attack/speed. Since your investment to upgrade it would go a long way, even if it's weaker it'll live longer and do more damage in the long run.

    It'd also be nice to have the turret's health information somewhere. Maybe it is, but I had to turn off all visual settings to maybe prevent the game from crashing during endless on PS4. Seems to help. But if it's not there, then it'd be nice to see this information so you know when your turret does need that little help, particularly on bigger maps. Brass isn't the best at rotating around.

    I don't know, just some ideas.