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  • #1 Shouldn't hunter actually hunt ? & Other

    INB4 :

              So this subject came up to me long ago when i thought it was a bug, thus i made this post : 
    But i was told it was not a bug but it was intended, which to me actually make the case even worse because usualy if something looks like a bug, but actually is intended, there is a problem.

    Long story short :

              I noticed that Hunters class minions, don't really hunt the same way i thought they would/should, if we look at Orc must die 1 & 2. Hunters, track down & attack the player as soon as they spawn, here they don't, i will be more accurate in the big piece of text i'm about to write right below.

    So here is a video  to show what i am talking about :
    i'll use some moments in the video to explain what i think is happening and what i feel should be done.

    Theory on how they currently work :

             From what i have seen and understood, (Video at 0:02 to 0:05) Hunters like all minions follow a straight/shortest path to the Rift as soon as they spawn like any minions (Problem #1), thus leading to not always taking the road to the players, since most of the time, the traprooms that we build are not on the shortest path, usualy they are made at further place to make the road to the rift for minions longer, which inplies you could avoid Hunters agro (Problem #2) without even trying. basicly what happened to us here.

            (Video at 0:12 to 0:15) hunter seems to have a very Very  narrow line of sight for their agro (Problem #3), which could be represented as a cone in front of their model. since i managed to get really close to this hunter without him even noticing untill i attacked.

           I have also noticed something, you might know/have noticed that if you engage/attack a minion, he will engage/attack you as well, exept in one situation where he is close enought to the rift to just rush it, which is completly normal and logical because their goal is to reach the rift .... but hunters for some reasons seems to do the same (Problem #3)  even if they won't cost any rift points, thus blow the logical reason out of the water, and i think that even in the lore of the game, they are more here for hunting war mages (OMD 1 & 2) than reaching the rift.

    Hunters  fast Rift rush like said above :

          I also noticed that only 1 hunter can attack you at a time, so even if they were a threat, they are not that much because when they are grouped, only one can attack you, and the rest run past you if they don't find a guardion/player to attack.

    What i think should be done :

          Problem #1Just like in OMD 1 & 2, i feel like all hunters class minions should auto-track players as soon as they cross the door that players can't cross ( where minions spawn). to avoid hunters just going to the rift.
          Problem #1 Alt : Instead of the auto-track like omdu 1 & 2, increase significantly  the agro range & Angle cone of the hunters, so we have the feels that they are actually looking for us, instead of just doing a walk in the park.

          Problem #2Being able to Avoid a minion class, that is made to Hunt you would be normal in most games, but in orc must die unchained, having the game offering me the options to AVOID killing a minion is seriously out of the regular thinking of the game. so being able to avoid them should not be a thing, or at least really harder than right now, since you don't really have to try,to achieve this.

          Problem #3Hunters just like current random mercanaries, Should NOT be able to enter the rift, it's not their primary duty, neither their secondary, and they don't even cost rift points, So why even have this as a option to begin with ?

    Others arguments

          i'm pointing the "Avoid a unit" because being able to avoid a unit was the answer of a player in the long ago previous post i made, and it kinda shocked me in a game like orc must die. where the points is to not let anything reach the rift and kill everything.

          it also seems wierd to me to have minions called [ Pride Hunter ][ Dragon hunter ][ Gnoll Hunter] and not have them technicaly hunting ? i mean it's in the name of the minions, so shouldn't the word "hunter" be taken more seriously here ? especialy since other than hunting and pushing the players ( which is supposed to be their main task) they won't have any other impact what so ever on the rift, since they don't cost any rift points.

          Also to me in such a game, i feel like minions behaviour and anything relating to them, is as important as the heroes and players themself, for one simple reason, the game is based around killing them, if they are too basic and simple, the game will get boring (and Robot entertainment has been doing a very good job at making them interresting and really differents in the way they behave and their overall designs, Humain, orcs, bears, lions, dragons, and others)

         Which lead to the reason why i made this post, i  find hunters really really lacking compared to others minions, i feel like there should be more of them to be honest, and they'll look like packs hunters, you won't even have to tweak there stats, just put more of them in the game.

    PS :

    Minions size:
            I really find it cool that you made some minions bigger, (here the Wu Xing Bears & hunters are considerably bigger than their Unchained & Order counterpart) which make me remember when back in the Alpha & Beta most minions just used to be bigger than they are currently, i really think you should apply those size changes to the other same class of minions that i quoted for other armies as well.

    Bring Back the old gibs & ragdol physic:
           Bring back the old gibs & ragdoll physic that was used 2 years ago, the one we have right now is a bit buggy, even tho it made me laught a lot of times to be honest, Ragdolls & gibs used to stay waay longer than currently, really had more the feels of traprooms and gory stuff back with the older physic, Bring back old physic or Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    just noticing how much time it took me to write this. lol. time to stop this novel.