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  • Re: Wish list: A difficulty above Rift Lord

    @shadedev such a tease :P
  • Re: Trip wire???

    It's really not a trap that fits into solo play. You need the trap load flexibility of a 2-3 team group to fit a trip wire in and it does need a lot of coordination to work around it. Frankly I think that very little is actually known about effective trip wire play because highly coordinated 3 teams are so rare.
  • Remember last skin and dye for all heroes

    See title!
  • Re: Are consumables too expensive? Should we be able to get them some other way?

    Consumables are in an interesting space. I think very early on for F2P players they are very expensive as they compete with hero purchases, and trap upgrades. But in the ultra-lategame they will be the only skull sink left. The basic logic is OK. If the prices are really how they should be is a good question. I'd agree that for me it feels on the high side.
  • Re: Does anyone play with "The Apprentice"? er.. "Zoey"? If so, explain.

    Good is a complicated term, because it very much depends what you are looking to do.  When you are looking to generate very high combos, Zoey is actually among the very best (perhaps even the best) in the game right now, and that is where she's my go-to hero at the moment. But if you are looking for good in terms of coin (Dobbin) or solo standing power (Bionka) the answer changes.

     Zoey is very micro-managy and of all the knockback abilities in the game, book club is the hardest to target well. That said I think she has a very strong and versatile kit that can play in many contexts very well. It does take a bit to learn how to manage her cooldowns in various situations.

    The faster she gets her tier 3 weaver the better, so if you do have the overachiever trait, it's a really good one for her.