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  • Re: Event Reward Feedback

    After having received the first chest I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. It contained this for me. It literally some of the best (funniest) vanity items I have so far. Beach bod light orcs ftw for realsies.

  • Re: Vanity Avatars 2: the Electric Bugaloo

    Some time in closed beta it was possible to pick stinkeye as avatar. That went away, then I picked a Satyr. Now that's gone. I do like the idea of vanity avatars but to be somewhat brutally honest I don't think the current selection is appealing. I did buy the bird not because I most identify with it but because it is the only one that in any way appealed to me. Putting more variety, and specifically hero and minion faces in there would make it much better!
  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    I disagree. If this was an achievement that was soloable then I would not have any problem with this difficulty. But this achievements requires 2 teammates of whom you have to be willing to risk 2 hours of their precious time to potentially get the achievement. Further you can fail this achievement also because your teammates fail to properly support it not because you per se played it wrong. Given the time investment this is hardly sensible in my book.

    I'm not advocating for easy. I'm advocating for sensible.

  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    Comic nerd Zoey:

    Zoey has thick glasses, OMDU t-shirt and reads an OMDU comic book.
    Feebee is a manga style little dragon.

    Geometer Stinkeye:

    Totems are Prospector measuring poles
    Staff is a ruler
    Wears hardheat and outdoor worker gear

    Hippy Temper:

    Temper wears 70's style flower t-shirt
    Temper wields nerf hammers with flower patterns on them


    Wears toga and greek helmet

    Plush Tundra:

    No description needed.

    Ballet or Acrobat Midnight:

    Either ballet or acrobat outfit, weapons are weaving bands.

    Superhero Hogarth:

    Shield dons a giant H. Cape and mask.

  • Re: Some Sabotage maps are too easy.

    There are a number of points I'd agree with. First all sudden deaths probably need to have heavies in them to avoid flips allowing to delay it for too long. Another problem is that some maps are too hard to disrupt. Throne room is a decent example at this. Some more ways to create mid-game disruptions that are effective for waves 4-7 would make some maps play more varied. That said I like that one can build to counter many things, i.e. if one plays well that means you can be fairly safe until late.

    I think corridors is a neat map because it remains quite fragile throughout all waves and it's not one where it's easy to build a hyper-sustaining late-game.