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  • Re: Brimstone vs. Cursed Ground

    If you have to pick I would go for brimstone first. It is a very flexible trap and does not require trap synergies. Cursed ground is best in context of other traps (slows and stuns) and hence has more specific uses.
  • Re: Can I get key for friend

    You do not need a key, just install the game and make an account and you are good to go.
  • Re: Does anyone play with "The Apprentice"? er.. "Zoey"? If so, explain.

    Good is a complicated term, because it very much depends what you are looking to do.  When you are looking to generate very high combos, Zoey is actually among the very best (perhaps even the best) in the game right now, and that is where she's my go-to hero at the moment. But if you are looking for good in terms of coin (Dobbin) or solo standing power (Bionka) the answer changes.

     Zoey is very micro-managy and of all the knockback abilities in the game, book club is the hardest to target well. That said I think she has a very strong and versatile kit that can play in many contexts very well. It does take a bit to learn how to manage her cooldowns in various situations.

    The faster she gets her tier 3 weaver the better, so if you do have the overachiever trait, it's a really good one for her.
  • Re: achievements ?

    Yes, go to profile and there is an achievements tab on the right.
  • Re: Stuck in Apprentice Difficulty (Advice Needed)

    Building good killboxes is the first key. Check out youtube. There is a bunch. Just as an example I'm linking Good Gaming Daily who has some guides to 5-star apprentice. Should be helpful.

    Of the starter heroes I do recommend Blackpaw and then Max to learn. I think Blackpaw is easier as he has good tanking potential. Use his bite to heal up when low and his gnolls for extra tanking.

    If you have any specific questions about specific maps, I'm sure many people here will be happy to give tips and tricks!