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  • Re: Sabotage horrible matchmaking

    I was gonna write a wall of text regarding matchmaking and how it can't be "fixed" -- but instead, I'll resume everything into one phrase:

    You can't make a game able to "fix" people.
  • Can we have new traps instead of heroes, please?

    This is more of a request than a suggestion, but... please? I could use some new toys so I can brainstorm again.
  • Saw of Arctos could use a buff.

    I'm not a "expert", to be honest... but still. Considering that it triggers two times slower than the swinging mace while dealing a very similar damage, but with a very "impractical" size (4x0.5 does not really "work" on most killboxes)... I think it could use a refire rate buff. Because at its current state, it can be compared to the swinging mace swinging its mace twice and then stopping for 11 seconds. Which is definitely not "right".

    I could be wrong, tho.
  • "Chaos Trials" is a superb addition to this game. Very nicely done!

    This game mode, imo, gave a new breath of life into this game. The mods are fantastic... even if some combinations are a tad overkill (TNT archers + infinite rubble time + more expensive cades + 1 rift point mods = pretty much gg.). What else is there to say... other than I'm hooked to this game again? ;)

    I really hope to see more game modes (or even additions) to this game following the same "RNG done right" mentality; where the only thing that is changed randomly is the game... and not the rewards. Keep it up!
  • [QoL] Right click > convert to gibs.

    For players that are 100% sure they will never use a specific trap/trap part.